The Reasons Why Asics Is The Greatest Running Shoes In Japan

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Choosing a proper pair of running shoes seems to be extremely significant to all the individuals who desire to take up the running activities. A lot of people have the same questions about seeking the most considerable running shoes on the market.

In order to figure out the best running shoes for flat feet, please read more about running shoes on the article below to see why Asics running shoes are the most favorable product in Japan.

The Establishment History Of The Asics Brand

The predecessor of Asics is Onitsuka Tiger brand, which was founded in 1949 in Kobe, Japan by a veteran named Kihachiro Onitsuka. On the first trading days, Onitsuka concentrated on basketball shoes and volleyball shoes production for the Japanese domestic market.

Onitsuka Tiger launched first pair of running shoes in 1953 under the name Marathon Tabi. By the year of 1966, the company created a major hit thanks to 66 samples Mexican shoes, the Asics logo stripe was first launched.

Legendary Warrior Brown Soles Shoes

In 1977, Onitsuka Tiger merged with GTO and the two companies became corporations JELENK Asics and kept that name until now. The name Asics is abbreviated from a Latin expression “Anima Sana in corpora Sano”, which means that “a sound minds within a healthy body”. Following this merger, the brand Onitsuka Tiger was retained to for vintage fashion shoe lines. Shoes made a name form of Asics Mexico 66 are still being produced to date.

Asics Logo

Asics products are extremely diverse, serving almost all the different sports: jogging, athletics, tennis, badminton, volleyball, hockey, wrestling, martial arts, and particularly running. Depending on the market, it is thought that the Asics products serve different strategies.

The Products Of Asics Running Shoes

Although starting with volleyball and basketball shoes, but running shoes is the new flagship product of Asics brand which has created its strength today.

According to the statistics of the Running USA in 2013, Asics is the company’s best-selling running shoes in the United States (21.8%), which is followed closely by the Brooks (21.6%) and third is the new Nike tycoon.

This statistic is based only on the number of running shoes purchased by the runner true, buy shoes on to run, not to buy shoes on to go out, or for the purpose of going to work. This indicates that the market share of professional running shoes, experts such as Asics and Brooks was the leading names. Nike can sell a lot more running shoes, but a lot of them cater to the demand to carry out, go to work, not to run.

Technology GEL

When it comes to the Asics brand, we cannot mention GEL technology, which is seen as a direct competitor to AIR. of the Nike brand. Gel was launched in 1986 by Asics brand and became a key technology in products of Asics athletic shoes since then.

What Is GEL?

GEL is a soft material that is added to the base of the shoes so as to promote the elasticity and shock-resistance for feet protection. Principle of operation and function of the GEL is almost similar with AIR technology from Nike brand which is strongly confirmed through a Nike submerged advertisement in 1990.

The line of best-selling running shoes of Asics is indispensable in the service of GEL shoe soles. The most typical ones are Asics Nimbus 16, as well as Gel Kayano 21.

Earlier this year, Asics has introduced more high-end product line of shoes GEL-Quantum 360, in which the entire midsole is made up GEL. This design has the same idea as the Air Max 360 technology on Nike Fly knit Max shoes which has been launched some time ago.

ASICS Fluid Axis ™ And Other Technologies

In addition to GEL technology, Asics has many other technologies on running shoes such as Fluid Ride, Fluid Axis, and Duo Max Support. Within the framework of this article, I cannot share enough about all this technology.

Hope that based on this brief information, all individuals can widely realize about the high- end quality of the Asics running shoes brand and based on that choose the proper ones for them. For getting more detailed about the new running shoes models, please surf our blog frequently.