Select birthday gifts for children by age

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With a children, a present maybe an interesting things to make them smile. But to choose a good product which isn’t also good for them but also help them develop some skills in their life.

Are you looking for a birthday gift meaningful and interesting for your baby home alone? Come with the following useful guidelines that can make choices like the most appropriate. Maybe book, toys or best balance bike is a great suggestion.

  • From 0-1 years old: Discover and activity

Children under a year of age developed visual focus and ability to balance the body, as well as hand and eye coordination. This is the age of the athletes to meet and enjoy the baby is exposed to everyone around.

Most of them play games in this stage are related to the movement: pull, push, throw, hold, hit or knock up something “. When you have the ability to control movement and balance , they will realize that the ball is spinning while the tambourine would emit a very loud sound. Reflective color cards with opposite colors, most notably black – red – white.

But they can identify the color enough after 6 to 7 months. Tambourines to stimulate limb movement. Such as a foot rattles hang on will help make sure abdominal muscles while stimulating the baby to coordinate both hands while playing with his foot. The colorful cushion will help children have more time to practice the ability of balance your body by trying to roll, crawl on it. Or you can buy them the books are great many images, colors.

  • From 1 to 2 years: Focus on developing personality and cognitive

Children over a years old started to like playing with these blocks requires finesse.

At this age, children begin to understand what is happening around them. Besides reinforces the ability of physical activity, and also tried their children to speak. Also during this period they begins aware of them.

The infant small ball throw, catch and kick. Toys requires skillful hands as the small blocks requires arrangements, or non-toxic wax pencil – you know, the baby already can begin to try doodling right at 10-13 months age alone there. Paintings simple puzzle (2-3 pieces) is a good present for children to develop their intelligence and creation.

Hardcover book with tunes and songs accompanied by may encourage avid reader habits and strengthen the love between the father / mother and baby. For example, when you press a button, then the blocks will appear before the eyes.

  • From 2 to 3 years old: development of language and the desire to learn, to discover

This is when your child starts to use different words to express their thoughts. Nurture your child’s language skills by reading aloud, shared many stories with your baby is also very necessary job. The ability of the body movement also improved to the point they would love to open up and shut something, put it in and then get out, ripped, or construction drawing. By the very nature inquisitive, children at this age are often interested in the toy. It can disassemble, repair, disturbance and connect them.

It is time to start playing distinction between boys and girls are very clear. Boys easily attracted by the car or by train union “congenital son have bias towards mechanical items”. Daughter is more emotional, would be interested in soft toys. But also good if you try to balance between the two world by giving them the other sex toys.

  • 3-6 years old

Always select the push-pull toys, infant movement as balls, puzzles, crosswords, cars, trains … help children develop intellectually and physically possible. The decoration, play dough, games, music, animals, plastic, toy depicting everyday objects (telephone, cookware, toys, games doctor).

  • From 6- 10 years old

Should choose the presents along the baby’s favorite. Boys should buy superman, the puzzle, the superhero assembly, electronics such as aircraft, robotics. For girls can choose dolls, dress, clothes, hair ties … And around this old girl will be the tone, like skirt, hair braided, play dolls, you rely on the facility Prefer to buy baby gifts like baby gifts.

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