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Currently, very modern technology on all items and equipment. Especially the car, the car was designed remote control keys are handy but beside that sometimes caused the unfortunate incident.

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The first thing we want to say to that is, although the remote control key is very convenient and simple for the user, but besides that it also causes many inconveniences such as the remote was the cause of the service stolen belongings in the car.

Not this car’s remote can unlock another vehicle, but when two vehicles parked side by side, and use the control lock in opposite directions (lock and unlock) the effect of locking the car will lose. That is, when you use the remote control to lock the car door lock and simultaneously there was another key using the remote control press and hold the button to open your car door will not lock.

Often the cars Toyota Innova, Ford as Innova, Fortuner, Altis, Vios, … all use a fixed lock code. This lock type that uses radio waves to transfer a fixed code to the receiver located in the vehicle. When the hold, lock will broadcast continuous interference with the other lock, causing the collector refused due to false code.

Consequently, vehicle interference can not be closed, no light and turn signal soundless whistle. Even when using the remote lock where strong radio broadcast will occur situation. This phenomenon does not only occur when two vehicles parked next to each other that when they separated to several tens of meters.

 Two diffracted waves from each other, giving rise to another wave contour. When a new wave signal does not coincide with the initial registration, the car will not be locked or open. When the vehicle is not closed, the risk of loss on the car map easily occur, even may lose both vehicles.


Our advice is to prevent theft, after press car keys with remote control, vehicle owners should observe indicator lights completed the lock (turn indicator flashing lights both front and rear) and horn howling.


For newer cars, should pay attention more to the rearview mirror. Only when the automatic rearview mirror folded then the door lock to complete. If you’re not comfortable with flashing lights, sirens, so check back door after locking click. More carefully, after leaving the the car, don’t keep valuables items or money in the car.

Drivers can walk next to the car, while running at a maximum speed of 6.4 km / h, and the driver in challenging situations safely, or even on difficult off-road terrain towels. Technology was rated useful in practice when drivers can use smart phones out of the car drivers parking if the car park next to the police makes it impossible to open the door.


When experiencing an uneven terrain, the driver can get off and stand in plain view observation, self-test slope, the entrance and the corners help drivers advance / reverse accurate. Remote control feature works only when the user-way vehicle within 10 m and if the smart key is detected. If the driver steps out of the allowable range or too close, the system will immediately stop.

Other possibilities for this technology could include self-drive feature, when drivers make a simple command from the handheld controller, as beyond a barricade or vacated, and the car will DIY the rest, according to Jaguar Land Rover.

Besides the Range Rover Sport remote control as in the video, the British automaker is also testing a Range Rover Sport “rotary multi-point” with the ability to complete a 180-degree rotation.

A few days ago, German carmaker BMW also released video introducing similar technology equipped on 7-series sedans new generation. With BMW displey Key key, the driver standing outside and driver / out garage.

When that signal is first interception, the door does not open. According to Samy root problem lies in the chip of the remote control. After all this is just a warning to manufacturers upgrade their locking systems.


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