Girls play bowling, hand have not been bigger?

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This is the question many first ladies play bowling and also the biggest hindrance of the girls when deciding whether to come to this sport or not. You don’t know about the best bowling ball. So what is the truth?

Bowling ball is heavy

Often, the first impression of the girls on the Bowling players “to” carry a heavy fruit is very large, especially when I saw the ball without touching it. The girlfriend had never bowled often worry about the problem: how to improve shadow smudged if they play long will lift your hand to do, and muscles. as boys weightlifting.

But did you know that, you’re mistaken about the weight of bowling balls through its external form. The numbers indicated on the new ball determines its weight, and it is true that 6,7,8,9,10 … 15 but not the unit of measurement kg which is pound. 1 pound = 0:45 kg. Such balls with numbers from 6-15 will weigh 2.7 kg to 6.75 kg from. And the girls have the right to choose the lighter ball for himself as well as his stature has power. Well, now you have to understand I was wrong to look at the problem from the beginning has not yet.

The reason that this discipline has multiple balls with different weights is to serve for breaking the battery easier. Weight ball pin out more often, but that’s only a small edge of the game khia1. Bowling still requires both technically correct, if you use the bowling ball virtuosity and deft ball rolling for the ball whether it’s big or small, light or heavy, the ball rolling with beautiful way you will be able to break put a lot of batteries.

Handles the ball often to

The girl with the compact physique perfectly able to hold the ball from 6 to 10 pounds a very easy way without his gong. Moreover, once pitched, you just hold the ball within 5 seconds is released. If you see it as a move to increase body weight indeed bodybuilding athletes will pour into bowling out instead of his gong was carrying tons of iron weights. Perhaps those who do not play will be hard to ever lift the ball up high, you stretch the body, and both your hands, put it to use and repulsive optical gearing ball in the line of sight, you’re done movements throw the ball, and will not feel the ball arm weight off you. Also, the play also helps your muscles firmer hand, more compact.

No need arm strength

Moreover, basically, right bowling ball throw technique doesn’t require players to have stiffened forearm. Motion swinging a bowling ball like a ball head hanging by a thread. The thread that keeps the ball only to pick up the ball, not shrink. Hand you too, it only works on side holding hands and wrists all parts forearm and biceps rest completely relaxed and swaying to the beat feet.

Because many of you do not know the basic techniques that made him feel his right arm strength to hold the ball. With a little guidance from the technical person, you will complete comfortable when throwing the ball without feeling anything heavy. And it certainly would not have muscular arms.

And suppose that you persist think bowling is like weight training, is to play aggressively hand, just imagine something like this. You think that boy hand muscles as easily be me? They have weight training with high intensity, from the weight, to probation, plus a special diet can increase the body. Not only exercise, but many people still have to use both medications increase muscle, so that no one goes bowling to increase the whole. Even the female professional Bowler bowling lifetime but still feminine hand, not only that, the hands of the athletes also firmer, and healthier than a lot compared to the past they have not played this sport .

If you intend to play bowling pro like them, maybe they just hand you the same. In addition, your arm may share more toned body but never emerged at all., No you do want a female skinny arms and looks weak,  chase can’t stand the clothing bag you go shop buy is not it. Take the time to train your arm, if you are too weak to bowling then, it is a sport just help you increase strength and even just for fun with your friends.