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As all people know, to make a wonderfull sound track, there are a lot of  steps from composing, singing, recording, adjusting, etc. in this post I want to dicsuss more about the common equipment in the record studio in order to make the the best recoding sound track for customer. You can see a lot of them and some of them are familiar with people through the daily activities such as the micro phone, micro stand, best record player, speaker, filters, etc. each of them take different roles in the studio and some of them are essential to make the best disc, let’s find out what they are

  1. Computer

In the modern studio, the appearance of the computer is essential, it is the controler of all the other equipment in the studio and help the producer to adjust can control the quality of sound and the final products. When talking about the studio computer, there are various product in the market for you to choose, the best choices for you such as the MAC product, from the different model of Apple MAC such as the MAC mini, the Macbook Pro, iMac, Mac pro, etc. each of them have their own characteristics that you can base on the blazing speed, storage capacity, customization options, multiple video output and the tons. You also choose the PC to work with but I prefer the Mac product due to the convenient and high working quality of them. Do not forget other accessories such as the keyboard, mouse, and computer monitoring.

  1. Digital audio workstation (DAW)

This is the primary software which is used in recording, editing, and mixing sound and music on the computer. It is up to your financial situation and hobby to choose the suitable digital audio work, for each range of price, you can list out at least 10 products, so can you understand the diversity of this product?

  1. Audio interface

The IN sources of this product is the recording and the out put results are the playbacks. There are a lot of different component of the audio interface and thanks to the development of technology today, those components are incorporated into one tool, including: the DI box, micor preamps, phone amps, digital conversion, and last one is the monitor. This stuff is quite of expensive so it is not appear in the cheap and unprofessional recording studio, for those studio, you can choose the all-in-one product to save money.

  1. Microphones

This is the product which is the must-have items in any recording studio. From the beginning point, the microphone is the item which is used in all kind of recording. You maybe can think that the microphone just is the simple process, but in fact, due to the development of technology today, there are a lot of different microphone models in the market, depend on the using purposes. There are 7 types of the recording microphone in studio including condenser microphone,diaphragm microphone, pair microphone, dynamic microphone, polar pattern microphone,ribbon microphone, and USB microphone.

  1. Micro stand

This is the stuff which is used to hold the microphone, keep it in different height. The micro stand have different size and shape up to the different in size and shape of the microphone, in the professional studio, the number of micro stand can up to a few dozen.

  1. Audio monitor

This is some kind of speaker, for more specific, it is the system to give the result out of the computer. Compare to the normal speaker, this is the product which provide the flat response of sound. The cost is quite of expensive when it can more than 10,000.

  1. Cables

This is the stuff which appear every where in the studio and we can not connect your stuff without this one. However, there are 3 main cables that you have to use in the studio, including the XLR cable – using to tranfer the sound from microphone to the audio interface, 2 other cables are used to transfer the systems from the interface to the monitors.

  1. Filters

This device is used to remove the unplesant sounds such as the sound when we pronunce the ‘P’ and ‘B’. It is not an essential device but if you do not want too much whisle in your song, you can concern to have one.