Choosing safety helmets for children

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To protect them from the unfortunate accident while in traffic, you choose your baby safety helmet and suit to you.

Choose the appropriate helmet, best motorcycle helmet with kid hobby with little use and encourage regular helmet. And now I will guide you the way to choose a helmet when take part in the transport.

  • Quality

– Dimensions: When purchasing a helmet, it’s best to go with your baby to choose exponential fit size ascending size infant and child development hat. You should replace other helmets after being bumped, helmets became distorted.

– Weight: Caps for children under 3 years of age you should choose a lightweight helmet, weighing about 100g. For children older than 3 years of age, weighing approximately 250gr appropriate helmet.

– Helmet strap: Helmet strap baby must have matching baby face. Straps must be guaranteed lock carefully, ensuring not too tight or too large compared to the baby. The tension of the strap is adjusted accordingly, to lie just below the chin to your hat not ejected when the collision. Absolutely not to the neck or dangling straps, not close to the chin strap for easy tightening falls in stock.

– Brands: To ensure safety for your baby, you should buy those caps have been tested, with stamp ensures quality standards, must also withstand impact and shock absorption.

  • Forms

Choosing the helmet fit with little interest to encourage helmet use baby regularly. For boys, you can choose a helmet with motifs superman, spiderman, helmets.. with the colors like blue, black, yellow … For girls, the helmet pink, red, Purple with princess image, kitty cat will love the baby more helmet.

  • How will protect babies like this?

Surely you buy hats, mothers also wonder: baby hats are protected in any way? And here is the answer:

Soft foam layer between the bearing cap effect, preventing the brain in the skull bumps occur when shock

Caps act as a barrier, avoiding the skull and directly to pavement

Helmets help disperse impact forces, avoid focusing on one point.

  • How to properly wear a helmets?

For the hat really effective, she must help her hat the right way:

Open the cap sideways straps for straight, put on that hat brim below parallel to the eyebrows

Take your child along when choosing to buy a helmet for a child, because of the need to know helmet tentatively had recently with the first round, the baby’s forehead … not to the owner of the hat was always nice when team .

Finally, the most important is you need to make routine infant helmet moving even closer to home.

Infant wear helmets when participating in traffic is the parents should do to show love and best protection for young children. Even when she frets with heavy hat, you should not compromise your baby. Keep in mind the following issues to be the hat proper selection and qualified for the little sisters!


  • Designs caps

Currently, helmet type cover the first half are preferred by consumers because of the convenience. However, with caps for children, parents should choose a helmet to cover the head deep down. Since childhood, nerves 7 is slightly outwardly so when accidents occur, children are very vulnerable.

When purchasing a helmet, it is best to go with your baby to choose the size cap fits properly baby and baby’s preference. Parents impose a cap dislikes can provoke hate and lazy helmet.


  • The size and volume caps


As a rule, MBH for children is produced in 3 sizes with a round head 46cm, 48 cm and 50cm. MBH size usually attached inside the hat.

To recognize a helmet fit first round, in addition to viewing the measurements, take the baby MBH head with both hands and gently push in the direction from front to back, from left to right and vice versa. If you see a helmet with the shifting of about 5-10 cm should choose a smaller measure.

As for the weight of the hat for babies under 3 years old, you should choose a lightweight helmet, weighing about 100g. For children older than 3 years of age, weighing approximately 250gr appropriate helmet.

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