Beginner guide on some basic types of air rifles for hunting

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Widely used in USA, air rifle is a type of gun using compressed air for operation, which can serve various purposes including hunting, self-defending, and pest controlling. Many hunters find it easier to use air rifle for hunting small animals because of its versatility, light weight and compact design. Besides, you can also use different type of scope for air rifle to support your hunting experience, for example you can use the best ar scope to improve the accuracy and precision of the shot.

The air rifle is the ideal equipment for hunting not only because of the compact and lightweight design as mention above but also thanks to the operation which use only compressed air. Other weapons that involves in firing powder is just costly in compared to air rifle, besides thanks to this feature you don’t have to pay much for the maintenance fee for ammunition and the gun overall. The lightweight design can benefit you a lot during hunting as you might need to walk, climb and hide between the bushes; thus a heavy and large gun will obviously hinder your performance and makes you tired with just the task of carrying it around.

In contrary, a gun like air rifle will give you a much pleasant experience and won’t make noise that can chase your games away. Today, I will share with you some basic types of air rifle which is very necessary for beginners to obtain the very first lesson of air rifle.

  1. Spring piston air rifle

High level of accuracy and great shooting consistence are the biggest advantage of owning a spring piston air rifle. As suggested by the name, this gun has the design and operation based on spring stout and air piston which is used for propelling the gun.

I will briefly explain the mechanism of spring piston air rifle for a better understanding of this gun. When firing it, firstly the retracted spring will be activated, then move to the next stage it will be pushed down to the piston which leads to a charge of air into the barrel.

This gun has quite interesting ways to cock the gun which can be listed as several methods, but I will only introduce to you three kinds of cocking which are barrel-cocking, side-cocking and underlevel. Overall, these three types all share the same function but they can have some difference in terms of effectiveness. The underlevel and side-cocking are superior to the barrel-cocking as it has the ability of producing more accurate shot thanks to the sniffer mating and longer sight place.



  1. Pneumatic air rifle

The most outstanding feature of pneumatic air rifle is that the pellet is propelled by compressed air. There are many models for this category with various styles, sizes and shapes but generally pneumatic air rifle is comprised of two main type: the pump-up pneumatic air rifle and the pre-charged pneumatic rifle.


  1. Pump-up pneumatic air rifle

Many people prefer this type because of its simple operation which consists of a built-in lever in the forearm section of the gun – this is the part responsible for compressing air.

Despite its great performance while shooting, pump-up pneumatic air rifle has the drawback of the time-consuming energy charging process. This basically means that every time you finish shooting, you will have to pump the gun up yourself which takes much time as well as create big noise.


  1. Pre-charged pneumatic air rifle

This type of pneumatic air rifle has overweigh the previous one in the feature of pumping system. You can either choose to do this by hand or scuba system; thus you don’t have to worry about having to recharge each time shooting as you can make several shots before a charge.

Therefore, you can also have more time for aiming and concentrating on your target game. The shooting will go smoothly without wasting time and energy on hand pumping like the previous type. Besides, pre-charged pneumatic air rifle has the capability to produce powerful shot thanks to the highly-pressurized air and high-quality components. Because of the above factors, this type of gun is relatively expensive but I can assure you that it is worth the money you paid.



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