World’s Most Influential Bartender Goes Public

"You shouldn't have to be able to afford $50,000 to hear what a candidate actually thinks." -Scott Prouty, the bartender who secretly taped Mitt Romney's "47%" remarks, on why he felt obligated to come forward.

The most influential bartender in history came forward Wednesday night to reveal himself as Scott Prouty, the source behind Mitt Romney’s infamous “47%” video. His answer to why he felt obligated to publish the video was one of the best of the interview:

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12 Responses to World’s Most Influential Bartender Goes Public

  1. I don’t think his video made that much difference as it only confirmed what people already knew but he’s still a hero in my book.

    • Linda (The Daily Dolt)

      The Daily Dolt


      I tend to agree. That said, even if this didn’t affect the election, it definitely shaped the national conversation, which is important, too.

  2. Jamison Spolar


    Obama has surely thought things similar. He is seriously just a media love child and for some reason all the bad stuff he does is swept under the rug. Anyone who believes otherwise is ignorant and biased.

    • Spencer


      I agree with Jamison Spolar – anyone who disagrees with me is ignorant and biased.

    • Becky Boo


      Thinking something retarded is one thing. Opening your mouth and sharing that retarded thought knowing it is going to piss off the people who you want to elect you is totally different. Especially when the bulk of that 47% reside in Republican red states.

      If you think President Obama is a media love child, considering how Fox News and their pundits alone treat him; then maybe you’re biased or been living under a rock.

  3. digdaga



  4. Roger Skrzynski


    So a billion metric shit tons of idiots take a statement completely out of context and make this guy a hero. There is no hope left for this country. SMH

    • ThrowingShade


      I’m just curious, how else do you think that comment should be interpreted?

      • Anon


        I’ll answer for him. He has no answer, his purpose is to make ludicrous comments and not reply.

        The real answer is that there is no missing context, there never is actually. To this person, there is only context missing when it’s a Republican makes stupid comments.

      • W Mattson


        Sure, Romney could and should have stated the remark differently but he made made the remark off the cuff when talking to his base in a talk to the group in terms of obtaining funds for his campaign. Obama has made similar mistakes in his speeches to various groups. Was his comment racist that “republicans can attend but will have to ride in the back of the bus”? What about his comments that republicans want kids to go hungry or that the republicans want to take away help for the autistic? How about the liberals that accused Palin of being responsible for the Gifford shooting by placing a target on counties in Az where the republicans need to get votes? I could go on but the point is that people who see the sliver in other people’s eye and yet can’t see the log in their own.

        • Chris


          I’d just like to fact-check the “Back of the bus” comment which is obviously false. “The media” doesn’t make a big deal out of Obama’s gaffes like this because they don’t exist in the first place. They’ve rightfully given him sh-t for “guns and religion” and “price of arugula” and other ridiculous stuff he’s said, but most of your assertions are just straight up false and you, sir, are dumbing down the debate in this country.


    • What


      One billion ton.

      Do you even know how much that is?

      Despite America’s obesity problem I doubt the entire national population weighs that much