Boehner Condemns Obama For Counting Interest In Fiscal Cliff Talks, Insists Only Republicans Are Allowed To Count Interest

Republican House Speaker John Boehner is not about to let President Obama get away with any accounting sleight-of-hand to fool the American people into thinking the Democrats are offering significant spending cuts in their fiscal cliff proposal. The Speaker’s spokesman slammed the President for exaggerating his proposed spending cuts by including the lower interest payments on the national debt that would result. While the President claims his spending cuts add up to $1.2 trillion — roughly equal to the $1.2 trillion he seeks in added tax revenue — Boehner insists the cuts only add up to $930 billion because the interest savings don’t count:

Interest savings from higher taxes is not a spending cut. I wish the folks at the White House would work as hard to actually cut spending as they do trying [to] look like they are.

Got it? Interest totally doesn’t count. Well, unless it’s advantageous to have the interest count. Then interest does count. We know, it’s a little confusing. It’s all dependent on some very complicated advanced Calculus differential equation theoretical physics that you wouldn’t be able to understand, but believe us, both parties are being totally logical here and not hypocritical at all.

For instance, back in June of 2009, Obama chose not to count the interest in calculating the price tag for the economic stimulus package, and Boehner took to the House floor to blast the President for failing to add it into the calculations, which would have added to Obama’s estimate of only $800 billion in spending increases:

If you think about where we’ve been this year, we had the nearly trillion-dollar stimulus plan, when you look at the interest that’s going to be paid on it.

And hey girl, Paul Ryan Gosling wasn’t about to let the Democrats get away with not counting the interest either back in 2009:

We are about to vote on a trillion-dollar spending package. Yes, a trillion dollars, because the Congressional Budget Office just told us today (that) just to pay for the interest on this bill is another $350 billion.

See? Makes total sense. You’re just not good enough in math to understand it.

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6 Responses to Boehner Condemns Obama For Counting Interest In Fiscal Cliff Talks, Insists Only Republicans Are Allowed To Count Interest

  1. Are you suggesting that the republicans are lying, dissembling, mealy-mouthed hypocrites who will say anything in order to gain political advantage, even at great cost to the coutry they supposedly represent? That's offensive. You left out the word, "swine"…

    • Linda (The Daily Dolt)

      Linda the Dolt


      LOL, well it looks like they're both trying to gain political advantage here.

    • Barjack


      In a word, yes.

    • For the democrats to call the republicans liars and hypocrites is very, very rich – thanks for the laugh :D

      When this country goes belly up in twenty years because low information voters voted not rein in spending remember to blame yourself for your vote on 11/6/2012.

  2. Dolt is right … The Daily Dolt has shown its lack of clarity, again. The arguemnet presented by the speaker's staff is not that interest is not valuable or does not have an impact, rather, call a spending cut, "a spending cut"! do not water down your impact by padding your Nos. The POTUS watered down the impact of the stimulus and are now watering down the impact of the spending cuts. It is time to be real with the populus or run the risk of what caused America to be created … Revolution. Cut the Program, today and then take the credit on the back side for the extra effort. Kind of hard to calculate interest payments, until the basis is determined … an interest credit in a cut today, is speculative, at best.

  3. Tlynch


    Why do we always cut the little guy? Let's go after the big guys- not the "rich"- how about these lawmakers doing what our constitution says they r really supposed to b doing working "for the people" well Mr. Or Mrs. Or Ms. Congress, unless "YOUR" people are doing good u don't either! That means you will not live better than the constituents YOU serve!