Fox News White House Correspondent: Maybe We Overdid It With the Benghazi Coverage Just a Wee Bit

Fox News White House correspondent and actual reasonable person Ed Henry told the AP recently that Fox News probably over-covered the Benghazi attacks just a wee bit:

I wouldn’t lie to you. I see that we’re covering Benghazi a lot, and I think that should be something that we’re asking about. … We’ve had the proper emphasis. But I would not be so deluded to say that some of our shows, some of our commentators, have covered it more than it needed to be covered.

Henry also emphasized that it was an important story to cover since four Americans were killed and there’s still some mystery about what the administration knew and when they knew about the attack, and he asserted that other news outlets (ahem, MSNBC, he’s looking at you) have under-covered the story.

h/t Political Wire

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13 Responses to Fox News White House Correspondent: Maybe We Overdid It With the Benghazi Coverage Just a Wee Bit

  1. Toby


    I don't have a problem with them covering it — it's important, people died, security breach, etc. — but why did it need to be so politicized? Why does everything have to be a scandal?

    • Tom


      Well Toby, it got politicized because it was the Republican party's "game winning field goal" attempt during the elections. The GOP was hoping to create a scandal that would cause Obama's defeat. Alas, they screwed up the kick when Romney announced the attack in Benghazi with a "gonna getcha" smirk, then proceeded to attack Obama from every imaginable angle over his handling of the attack when most Americans could see there was no scandal and that the GOP was merely playing football.

      • Linda (The Daily Dolt)

        Linda the Dolt


        Bingo, Tom. Fox overplayed their hand.

        Obviously, something went wrong here — people are dead, and we're not 100% sure how/why that happened — but the American people did not buy this crap that it's all Obama's fault or that there's some kind of cover-up.

        Imagine, for instance, if some troops were killed in Afghanistan by friendly fire. Would we need to investigate that? Obviously, yes, something went terribly wrong. Does it mean that it's all the president's fault and he's trying to cover up the incident by not speaking on it immediately? No, of course not. Same thing here. This doesn't need to be political.

  2. Barjack


    How can we expect to get any kind of common-sense news reporting when even the top news-dogs swallow the bait?

    • USofRationality


      I think something just clicked for yet another FOX viewer…. Welcome to reality, we missed you folks!

      Although to clarify, FOX (or should I say FAUX) News didn't TAKE the bait – they MADE the bait. It's America that didn't take the bait. FOX is not the business of reporting actual news; they are in the entertainment business and what they sell is an alternate version of reality designed to make conservatives feel good about themselves and fear everything that is not like them.

      That's not to that that CNN or MSNBC are bastions of good journalism – they aren't – but FOX is a joke. I turn on FOX News when I want to laugh, I turn on Comedy Central and watch the Daily Show when I want news (on tv at least).

      • Barjack


        Hoo boy! You thought I was referring to Krox News? You thought I actually WATCHED that tripe?? Naive little soul . . .

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  4. ALS


    The problem is not that they covered it too much. The problem is that the so-called majors didn't do enough to get ast the bottom of the whole thing. "Methinks they protesteth too much". Can you spell "coverup?" Mmmm

  5. FireKrotch


    Geez, where were all the questions when 4000, that's THOUSANDS people, American troops died in Iraq, for what that administration knew about our reasons to be there; WMD's ring any bells? That makes Benghazi look like the kindergarten of "coverups"?!! You can do it, just say you just don't like a black man in the White House – it's OK – we know – you can't help yourself – it was inbred!! You all will eventually die off and the World will be a better place for it. "Till then, you ain't seen nuthin' yet!

  6. gino campesi


    Benghazi Schmengazi

  7. Maybe??

  8. dectra


    The GOP is called "The Party of Stupid"

    Only because the Grateful Dead trademarked the name "Ship of Fools"