Strange New Element Enters Fiscal Cliff Discussions: “Math”

President Barack Obama inserted a bizarre new element into the ongoing budget debate on Tuesday. According to Mr. Obama, something called “math” will be a deciding factor in whether he agrees to the Republicans’ proposals.

It’s not me being stubborn; it’s not me being partisan. It’s just a matter of math.

While both parties have already agreed to spending cuts, the Republicans insist that the budget gap can be closed merely by tightening loopholes and reducing deductions in the tax system. The President cites to this “math” thing to assert that the Republican approach can’t raise enough money without adding to the tax burden of middle-class families. Instead, Mr. Obama proposes that the Bush-era tax breaks be allowed to expire for individuals earning $200,000 or more a year and married couples earning $250,000 and more annually.


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23 Responses to Strange New Element Enters Fiscal Cliff Discussions: “Math”

  1. Toby


    The Dems did their part with spending cuts, now where are the Republicans?

    • Nate


      Are you serious? I assume you are, and are therefore deluded. Government never cuts spending unless said government collapses entirely. The Democrats didn't even propose to cut spending, let alone actually do such a thing.

    • blue eyed infidel


      What cuts? God, you are too stupid to live! Go cash in your food stamps and smoke another blunt!

      • Toby


        Bloomberg News reports that Obama has put $600 billion in spending cuts on the bargaining table.

        "Obama has proposed a framework that would raise taxes immediately on top earners and set an Aug. 1 deadline for rewriting the tax code and deciding on spending cuts, according to administration officials.

        It calls for $1.6 trillion in tax increases, $350 billion in cuts in health programs, $250 billion in cuts in other programs and $800 billion in assumed savings from the wind-down of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan"


  2. Jeff


    Math! It's like Kryptonite to Republicans!

    But in all honesty, I think that 250k is too low of a limit. Many small business owners' accounts show no discrepancy between personal earnings and company earnings, so this could actually stifle small business. I think that earners over 500k should be taxed and that there should be a difference in tax code between the CEO who pulls in a 13 mil bonus and the owner/operator of the local hardware store. One of these things is not like the other.

    • blue eyed infidel


      Thats funny, on the Jay Leno show, Obama said math was not his strong point. Neither is honesty! Obama is a flaccid dick. The new Asian formed global financial conglomerate, specifically excluded America because of how weak Obama has made our country, both financially and militarially.

      • Butthurtpolice


        I smell some butthurt coming from another impotent republican.

  3. Barjack


    I do wish Obama and his sidekick Clinton could get their act straight. One says math, and the other says arithmetic. Now which is it? I say tomahto and you say tomayto . . .

  4. James


    > But in all honesty, I think that 250k is too low

    > of a limit. Many small business owners’ accounts

    > show no discrepancy between personal earnings

    > and company earnings

    You realize that is 250k profit, not gross, right? You could have a 2 million dollar business and still only profit 50k on it and not be hit with any tax increases…

  5. 16 years of terrible


    250K is barely surviving in the northeast, try moving out of those assisted trailer parks you live in and try living on 250K.

    • Wtf


      Are you serious? Have you ever lived on a $30,000 a year salary? It's possible, bro.

      Do you spend every night at a casino or something?

      • Really?


        How is living off 250k hard? What kind of living are you doing that you can't manage? I net less than 20k a year and manage a decent life (and no, I do not get any type of government assistance. I created a crazy thing called a budget).

    • Anonymous


      you're dumb

    • holy wow


      You sir, are either a Grade A troll or a Grade F human.

  6. Still Here


    Remember, when he said he is unable to help his daughter with her math homework because it was too complex (9th grade). But, now I should believe he knows what the he11 he is talking about, yea right.

  7. Jon


    President Obama, you are arguing with people who doesn't believe in Evolution, that we lived alongside dinosaurs and that global warming is a ruse.

    I don't think they believe in math either.

  8. trololo


    Maybe if I insult people on the internet and get mad, I can make a difference. After all, I know everything.

  9. Tracey


    Math is contrary to God's will. Math says that the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter is 3.14159… but the Bible clearly says that the ratio is 3. (I Kings 7:23-26)

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