Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL): “With Modern Technology And Science, You Can’t Find One Instance” In Which Abortion Is Necessary To Save the Life Or Health Of the Mother

Wonderful news this morning, ladies!! According to Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL), abortion is no longer needed to save the life or health of the mother, thanks to advances in modern technology and science. Hurrah!!

In a recent debate with challenger Tammy Duckworth (D), Walsh said he was against abortion “without exception,” including rape, incest and in cases in which the life or health of the mother was in jeopardy. Wow, that’s pretty extreme. Maybe he just misspoke? Reporters asked Walsh after the debate whether he was really meaning to say that it was never medically necessary to conduct an abortion to save the life of a mother. Walsh responded, “Absolutely.”

“With modern technology and science, you can’t find one instance … There is no such exception as life of the mother, and as far as health of the mother, same thing.”

Isn’t it amazing how quickly medical science advances nowadays? It seems like it was only two months ago that a 16 year old leukemia patient died from cancer because the Dominican government would not allow her an abortion or chemotherapy. Oh wait, that actually was just two months ago. Wow! So somehow in the past two months researchers have figured out a way to avoid abortion even in cancer patients! We must not be following the news closely enough because we definitely never heard about that discovery, which would pretty much be one of the biggest medical breakthroughs in history.

Thankfully, we have children’s rights champion Joe Walsh to keep us up to date, though. Walsh will do anything to protect the wellbeing of children, whether born or unborn. Unless that means paying child support, in which case, you’re on your own, mini-humans.


*The race between Walsh and Duckworth is still relatively close (seriously, Chicago suburbs? That’s terrible, and you should feel terrible), so why not be awesome and donate to Duckworth’s campaign here?

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50 Responses to Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL): “With Modern Technology And Science, You Can’t Find One Instance” In Which Abortion Is Necessary To Save the Life Or Health Of the Mother

  1. Barjack


    Excuse me, but walsh in only good for the protection of the UNborn, NOT the born, as you stated. The mother with leukemia was 16 – that's a child in anybody's book.

    He's good to go for republicans. Plays right by the archaic book.

  2. Aaron


    That death didn't happen in the United States. Therefore it doesn't matter and it doesn't count! DUH!

    Of course I'm joking but sadly many people (like Mr Walsh and his supporters) are likely to believe that.

    • A Simple Man


      You're an idiot.

    • A Simple Man


      Wait ! I take that back, I read the rest of your remark. And now I'm the idiot.

  3. Jattestor Kvist


    What Walsh said is clearly daft but it's also telling that the best the author could come up with in rebuttal to his boneheaded comment is a single instance outside the United States.

    This response is a pretty good example of the exception proving the rule.

    • Linda (The Daily Dolt)

      Linda the Dolt


      Obviously I needed to list an instance OUTSIDE of the United States SINCE ABORTION IS CURRENTLY LEGAL HERE.

      Also, if you need more examples of conditions which may require therapeutic abortion for the health of the mother, here:

      Ectopic pregnancy,

      Peripartum cardiomyopathy,


      Various cancers,

      Placental abruption

      Should I keep going or is that enough for you?

      • Doug


        Ectopic pregnancy is clearly a myth. Perhaps Joe could educate you further on how a woman's body works. If you're lucky, he'll bring Akin along to help.

        • Andrew Sprague


          WOW! http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH00018

          Could you at least educate yourself before supporting idiotic politicians and spread false rumors about myths that every single person who has studied medicine has seen first hand. Your comment is ignorant and false.

          • Dream Out Loud


            you don't get sarcasm, huh?

    • Matt Remmington


      Do you give absolutely *NO* effort to your responses?

      5 seconds worth of Google would have shown you the mootness of your post.

    • bigyaz


      Well, gee, Jattesetor. Perhaps examples from the U.S. aren't readily available is because ABORTION IS STILL LEGAL HERE! So thankfully mothers don't have to die — yet.

      Are you really that dense?

  4. Teresa


    Two words: Ectopic. Pregnancy.

  5. Luba


    Severe preeclampsia.

    HELLP syndrome.


    Placenta previa with hemorrhage.

    Placental abruption.

    Just a few examples where a pregnancy would need to be terminated to save the life of a mother.

    Then again, if you want real life examples, ask an OB, not a politician……or religious zealot.

  6. dez


    I just wonder if they tell someone that their child will be born with severe problems, Mothers will have no choice I guess…

  7. phlypp


    Obviously, anyone can come up with examples where Mr. Welsh is wrong but the bigger issue here and in similar statements is that these people just make facts up and then believe them and expect others to also. No one who had done the slightest bit of research could possibly think this statement is accurate but he's willing to go on a televised debate and repeat it. He also has to know it will be fact-checked, particularly given the recent fervor with Mr. Akin. So he is not only wrong, he also has a moral code that believes it's all right to create facts out of thin air and then act on them as if they're a reality.

  8. JRL


    With modern technology and science? Wow! You mean modern technology and science like evolution theory for fighting disease, and stem cell research for healing tissues and organs?

    That's great! Now, with our modern technology and science, we shouldn't be shackled by the silly superstitions and backward thinking that hindered it's progress for so many generations!

    …that's the point he was trying to make, right?

  9. Anonymous


    Maybe the 16 year old died from cancer, and not from not having an abortion?

    • YouYou


      Cant get cancer treatment when preggo tardo

    • Dibs


      Are you really that dumb?

      She could not get chemo because she was pregnant. She could not get an abortion therefore she could not have chemo…therefore she died.

  10. redoubt


    The fact you could only find an in Domincan Republic as example to support your claim undermines your entire argument. Please try harder to regrain from irrational sentationalism next time.

    • bigyaz


      Gee, redoubt. Perhaps examples from the U.S. aren’t readily available because ABORTION IS STILL LEGAL HERE! So thankfully mothers don’t have to die — yet.

  11. TheEverLovinWonder


    Why do you have an add to defund Planned Parenthood next to this story?

    • Linda (The Daily Dolt)

      Linda the Dolt


      I don't choose the ads you see, Google does, based on your past viewing history, so the real question is: WHY HAVE YOU BEEN LOOKING AT DEFUNDING PLANNED PARENTHOOD WEBSITES IN THE PAST????

      Kidding!! But yeah, I don't know why Google chooses the ads they do. They never seem appropriate for the site.

      • Tracey


        Yes, I've noticed that the ads you get skew to the conservative. But think of it this way: you're taking money out of the conservatives' pockets. They have to pay for every page view on your site, yet their message isn't getting to its target audience. Muahahaha!

  12. ARandomPhysician


    Technically, Representative Joe Walsh is right. You can't find ONE instance. That's because termination of pregnancy to save the life of a month occurs in at LEAST 2% of all pregnancies. Look up "Ectopic Pregnancy" on Google. That is approximately 100,000 cases a year.

    Therefore, Joe Walsh is right. There is not ONE instance. There are ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND INSTANCES A YEAR.

  13. reality


    Lets not forget that there are waiting lists to adopt babies. WAITING LISTS!! — so all of you who are claiming that abortions "save lives" — Every time an abortion is preformed a baby that could be loved by an family who maybe can't have kids is slaughtered. — Therefore, every single abortion is a murder. No this isn't some "women's" issue, or some liberal talking point — A BABY GETS MURDERED! A real living person DIES every single time an abortion is preformed when there are WAITING LISTS to adopt babies. Since when does a women's issue include killing someone?

    • Ryan


      In the case of an ectopic pregnancy, the fetus has little to no chance of surviving. Any time a baby is growing somewhere other than the uterus, the chances of it growing to term are extremely slim, and extremely dangerous to the mother.

      So this type of pregnancy has two probable outcomes – baby and mother die, or baby dies and mother lives. Seems like a no brainer to everyone except the pro-life, no exceptions crowd.

    • Logic


      Probably around the same time where if the woman can't get an abortion, by your logic, TWO people die. Unless I did the math wrong…did the mother suddenly become a tree?

    • facepalm


      Did you not read any of the other responses? All of those pesky lists that some posters compiled are real-life instances where the developing baby could kill, yes KILL, the mother. She may be a woman actually TRYING to have a baby, but she terminates the pregnancy because she wants to LIVE.

    • Andrew Sprague


      I love the irony of the your name: Reality. So do you and you party of conservatives support funding for orphanages? Do support funding for children's healthcare? Do you support funding for WIC? Do you support funding for Planned Parent for prenatal screenings? Will you pay for the mother to eat well and not have to work while pregnant? Will you support initiatives against pollution and other toxic chemicals which lead to birth defects? Will you support after school programs for the single mother who work two jobs to support her kids? No you most likely do not. And not only that the Conservatives you the Bible as some sort of holy grail of evidence against why we should help out the helpless in our society. I am against abortion but for common sense. War is sometimes a necessary evil as is abortion until our society is willing to protect the helpless, hungry, and uneducated among us. Why is that Pro-Lifers always seem to be Pro-War as well; does that also not seem somewhat ironic?

    • 1234me


      There are waiting lists for adoption, but if the U.S wasnt soo freaking uptight about adopting children out there wouldnt be a giant freaking list of children with no parents either. Also a majority of those children are older because the "waiting lists" are mainly for caucasion newborns, which seem to be the top pick for U.S adopting parents.

  14. Richard Turner


    I agree that there is times to abort a pregnancy to protect the mother it is just the method utilized that we differ. An emergency C-Section which delivers a child is the method I would choose to abort (end) the pregnancy.

    If the mother does not want the child then it could be placed up for adoption once it is able to leave the hospital. The government could pay the hospital bill as this child would be truly deserving protection and help that every conservative would support.

    If the child does not survive at least it was provided a chance to survive.

    No one denies that the mother deserves an abortion if the mother and child have no opportunity of surviving and these examples are just utilized to scare the ignorant.

    I am sure that Mr. Walsh is only trying to protect the unborn children (fetus to the liberals) rights

    • Maryanna


      Why do you want to cut open a woman to take out a tubal pregnancy? Why do you want to cut open a women like a piece of meat and do a totally unnecessary, far-riskier procedure on her to save a nonviable fetus that is going to kill her? Why don't women dying of pregnancy ever get the chance to live their lives?

  15. Sara


    .."Lets not forget that there are waiting lists to adopt babies. WAITING LISTS!!" Oh my gosh! How could we be so selfish?!? I had completely forgotten about the waiting list of people who want babies!!!! I might need to rethink my whole outlook on this subject! We need to save the babies so that they can be born and given straight away to these families!!! But wait, aren't there thousands of children in foster care who need families or did I miss the story where they all got adopted, too? I'm a strong supporter of adoption but please don't make a mockery of it by this type of argument. Waiting list of couples who only want babies but are willing to watch children suffer in the foster system…your argument is invalid.

  16. This guy is such an idiot. And the Tea Party is full on these chumps.

  17. Missy


    They would be better off having Joe Walsh the musician as their rep.

  18. Larry


    This guy is the dictionary graphic for "Douche Bag".

  19. Lyssa


    Thank you so much! I heard about this very early in my day and was so tempted to rant about it myself, but knew someone else could do a much better job. Turns out, that was you! :) Great piece. Thanks again!

  20. Justice


    Never mind Rick Santorum and his wife, who had an abortion, or 'medically induced miscarriage' as they like to call it, because the pregnancy would've killed her.

  21. Drom


    Heheh… whenever science, reality, and reason conflict with religion, self-imposed ignorance, and agenda… the former always lose.

    And strangely…the latter are always Tea Baggers.

  22. Yes, Joe, we don't normally ask people like you what is and what is NOT medically necessary.

  23. Drom


    So, Joe… your daughter was raped by your brother, and her small size and a blood disorder jeopardizes her life if she continues the pregnancy.

    Lemme see if I get this right: Your daughter dies in favor of the fetus? Hey…you're quite a guy.

    I just wish there really was such a thing as karma.

  24. You better tell Walsh about this case then in Ireland: http://www.thejournal.ie/savita-praveen-halappana

    "THERE HAVE BEEN renewed calls for the government to legislate for the X Case following the death of a 31-year-old woman who was denied an abortion at University Hospital Galway.

    A candlelit vigil is to be held in Eyre Square in Galway for Savita Praveen Halappanavar, who died two and a half weeks ago after developing septicaemia from a miscarriage which lasted more than two days."

    I wonder how many of his Irish background voters would support him if they knew he was so wrong?

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