Owners Of Electronic Voting Machine Company Are Romney Super-Fans

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We’re not really into conspiracy theories here, so let us just say this upfront: we are not presenting the following article as any kind of conspiracy theory. We will say, though, that the people who own voting machines in some important swing states have a pretty remarkable bias toward Mitt Romney and, you know, someone should probably keep an eye on this, no?

Okay, so here’s what we know:

Hart InterCivic is a national provider of election voting systems that are used in swing-states Ohio and Colorado, as well as in states we don’t really care about so much because we already know how they’ll turn out (e.g., Texas, Oklahoma, and Hawaii). Private equity firm H.I.G. Capital, LLC bought out a “significant” portion of Hart in July of 2011, and now the majority of Hart’s board directors are employees of H.I.G. (It’s not entirely clear how much of the voting machine company H.I.G. owns, but the financial advisors responsible for the transaction state that “Hart Intercivic was acquired by HIG Capital.”)

H.I.G., in turn, has ties to Bain & Co. and Mitt Romney directly:

  • Of H.I.G.’s 22 American directors, 21 donated to Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign. One person made no political donations at all;  one person donated to both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama; the remaining 20 directors donated exclusively to Mitt Romney in 2012. (See below for links to donations.)

  • Of these 22 American directors, seven of them (nearly one-third) are former Bain employees. Now, we should note (as a reader helpfully pointed out), this is Bain & Co., where Mitt Romney used to work way back when and then left in order to start the affiliated Bain Capital. The connection is therefore a little more tenuous, but we still find H.I.G.’s overwhelming allegiance and financial support of the Romney campaign surprising (not that it’s surprising that a private equity company would lean Republican, but this level of support is pretty unusual).

  • Four of H.I.G.’s directors, Tony Tamer, John Bolduc, Douglas Berman, and Brian D. Schwartz,  are Romney bundlers along with former Bain and H.I.G. manager Brian Shortsleeve.
  • H.I.G. employees currently make up the majority of the Hart InterCivic’s five-member board of directors. Two of these three directors of the voting machine company, Neil Tuch and Jeff Bohl,  have donated directly to Mitt Romney’s campaign.
  • H.I.G. is the 11th largest donor to Mitt Romney’s campaign. H.I.G. employees have given $338,000 to the Romney campaign, outpacing even Bain Capital itself, which gave  $268,000.

Now, to be fair, besides the fact that H.I.G. employees make up the majority of Hart’s board of directors, we don’t know exactly how much control H.I.G. is able to exert over the voting machine company’s day-to-day operations. Plus, it seems like it would be pretty difficult to mess with the software without anyone finding out about it. Moreover, just from a cost-benefit standpoint, it doesn’t really make sense that these H.I.G. directors would commit a felony and risk their super-lucrative careers just to get their Bain bro elected.

But that said, this still makes us a little… uncomfortable. For instance, what if irregularities or honest mistakes are suspected (and this is a real possibility: Hart InterCivic has previously had some pretty major malfunctions in its voting systems)? The documentation will then be in the hands of Hart/H.I.G.

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Links to H.I.G.’s American directors:

Tony Tamer – Bain alum; Romney bundler; donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Sami Mnaymneh – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign as well as Barack Obama’s campaign

Douglas Berman – Bain alum; Romney bundler; donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

John Bolduc – Bain alum; Romney bundler; donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Rick Rosen – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Brian Schwartz – bundler for the Romney campaign; donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Timothy Armstrong – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

John Black – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Dave Blechman – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Peter Cornetta – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Marc Kramer – No known donations to presidential campaigns

Chris Laitala – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Elliot Maluth – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

William Nolan – Bain alum; donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Michael Phillips – Bain alum; donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Matt Sanford – Bain alum; donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Lewis Schoenwetter – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Richard Stokes – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Neil Tuch – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Bret Wiener – donated exclusively to Mitt Romney’s campaign for 2012; donated initially to Mitt Romney and then to Barack Obama during the 2008 election

Rob Wolfson – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Jeff Zanarini – Bain alum; donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

facebook Owners Of Electronic Voting Machine Company Are Romney Super Fans twitter Owners Of Electronic Voting Machine Company Are Romney Super Fans tumblr Owners Of Electronic Voting Machine Company Are Romney Super Fans

68 Responses to Owners Of Electronic Voting Machine Company Are Romney Super-Fans

  1. Kevin


    What does congress do for a living??

    • toosmarttovoteGOP


      As little as possible. I'd LOVE to get $180,000/yr to get as much vacation time as they do.

      • If you had a few co-workers who were slackers, would you think it appropriate for your employer to say you don't deserve your salary? That's what your comment says to the hard-working members of Congress. Why not be honest and say that the Republican obstructionists should lose their jobs instead of pretending that it makes sense to lump everyone together in a lie?

        • Anonymous


          Yes, all Republicans are lazy obstructionists and all Democrats are hard-working and deserving.

          Ignorance is bliss I guess.

  2. Lou Puls (@MonkeeRen


    To flip a close vote on a crooked (besides error-prone) Hart Intercivic machine only requires an eighth grade education and a corrupted, elitist, corporatist mind.

  3. George Stone


    To the author of this article, you've mixed up Bain Capital and Bain & Company.

    Mitt Romney left Bain & Company in 1984 to start Bain Capital.

    In 1993 Tony Tamer left Bain & Company to start HIG Capital.

    The link is extremely strenuous at best.

    • Linda (The Daily Dolt)

      Linda the Dolt


      Thx. You're right and I made some changes. As I already said, I'm not accusing anyone of anything. I have a whole paragraph explaining that this is probably not going to turn out to be an issue, but a little added oversight on a company that has ties to Mitt Romney (bundlers etc.) and has a controlling stake in the voting machine company might not be a bad idea.

    • Will


      In what freaking universe is "used to work for these companies and with all of these people" considered a "strenuous" (i think you meant "tenuous" actually) connection?

    • Hoopdehoop


      Nonsense. Romney was also CEO of Bain & Co., which was a big China outsourcer. Bain may also be behind Nauta Capital's investment SCYTL, another voting machine company; and nobody's really explained who gave Dominion Voting Systems the money to buy Sequoia after the government stopped ES&S from buying it. Meanwhile, Chuck Hagel, Republican senator from Nebraska, is openly consulting for his former company ES&S again. It looks as though there has been a concerted effort for Romney to buy election machine companies, as Romney allies also bought the largest share of the nation's two largest radio networks and the largest newspaper chain. I don't think Romney ever thought he would have to rely on "persuasion" to win the election. I think he thinks he's fixed it.

    • Karen


      The link is " tenuous" not "strenuous "

  4. Cat Amanigh


    Except that the test software and the election day software aren't the same. I know on the Diebold machines we use in Maryland, there's a separate PROM for test day and election day, because the software isn't supposed to be able to erase votes, and so no test could be done without throwing the tally off. I'm sure it's the same with these asinine things.

  5. Diana


    In Florida we received a call telling us the Democratic Party recommended we vote by mail, to avoid any fraud or intimidation at the polls. They then had a direct link to the elections office to request your absentee ballot. I followed their suggestion, I have no doubt that the republicans will try everything in their power to steal this election. Vote leaving a paper trail if possible.

    • Chandra


      Yes! They've changed the law in Texas so you can't submit an absentee ballot unless you will actually be out of your home area. And, as I discovered during the primary, you can only get a paper ballot on election day.

      • I believe you can also request an absentee ballot if you are disabled (but check the requirements on that one if you think you qualify) and if you are over 65, which allows a few more people to create a paper trail. Although I'm not sure that type of paper trail helps. How do we know the ballots were received and counted correctly? I have concerns about this problem too because of the money behind them that can buy a lot of people who may just become sacrificial lambs if they get caught. Catching those people won't solve the problem or guarantee honest results.

  6. toosmarttovoteGOP


    A spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) said the agency had found enough evidence to warrant a full-blown investigation of Strategic Allied, a Virginia-based voter registration company doing work for the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Florida.


  7. Are you trying to drive me insane?

    • Keith


      Surely you have read of the voter registration fraud caught in at least 10 counties in Florida. Patently false registrations were handed in with all the rest, and the people hired to do this "registering" then had the gall to go round taking a poll of who would they vote for? Sadly, it is not known if those who registered Dem. got tossed. This company used previously by GOP with same problems, same CEO, different name. I am willing to bet they got done what they wanted.

  8. Darrell West


    Romney and his friends all need to be under investigation because they all had broken so many law that I can not count it all.

    • Steve Treimer


      Let's please not be hypocritical and forget both the Clintons who brought new meaning to the idea "breaking laws". Not to mention China outsourcing. If Clinton didn't hand America over China on a silver platter, then who did?

      • Tyler Durden


        Friends please, don't fight on the Internet. Fight in real-life. And just know that ALL politicians, despite party, could not care less about any of you.

  9. Bill


    Is it not possible that these voting machines could have been hard coded to skew the results, rather than relying on introducing anything via software? It would have required a fairly long term plan on Romney's part, but I don't see that as being necessarily implausible. It would be a lot harder to detect, that is for sure.

    I agree that this should be given some additional scrutiny, just out of democratic prudence, but also agree that it is probably nothing.

    In either case it is not really all that important because no matter who wins, we all lose.

  10. Doug Lord


    Hmm… No mention of the fact that George Soros owns the company making the machines for most of the Country??? You call out a PE firm for 22 guys giving a TOTAL of $300k. Mr Soros is one guy and he has given MILLIONS to Obama.

    You are clearly biased in your reporting.

    • alan newcomer


      Doug, see the above article.

      If George Soros does indeed own the voting machine company. Name please, etc.

      Document as shown in the article above.

      Owner/s, Director/s etc.

      I care not left or right, but in the best possible facts. Your casual mention with no documentation does not represent a fact.

    • bobaby


      You're wrong and YOU'RE obviously the one who is biased. Try fact-checking before posting and you won't look like such a fool next time:


    • Will


      The four largest election machine companies in the US are

      1. Hart InterCivic (mentioned in this article and tied to Bain and Mitt Romney)

      2. Election Systems & Software (owned by the McCarthy Group and the Omaha World-Herald, both conservative companies, whose one-time owner declared to "fight liberalism at all fronts)

      3. Diebold Election Systems, now Premier Election Solutions, owned by a deeply conservative company, and whose CEO was caught sending emails directrly to George W. Bush promising to do "everything in his power" to "hand Bush the election"

      4. Sequoia Voting Systems, who were personally responsible for the 2000 Florida debacle, and was caught intentionally providing Florida precincts with known defective punchcards to invalidate votes, owned by Jack Blaine, and sold in 2010 to Dominion Voting Systems, surprisingly enough a FOREIGN Canadian company, owned by John Poulos and James Hoover, who are now building offices in DUBAI

      NONE of them owned by George Soros. ALL of them conservative. So what you said was a lie. You lied, which makes you a liar. Stop spreading lies.

      Have we really just come to the point where people like you think its ok to shotgun lies all over the place and just hope that people are too lazy to research and fact check you? Shame on you.

      • Brandy


        Except you forgot to mention who owns Omaha World Herald….Berkshire Hathaway, aka Warren Buffet who donates to whom? Please stop calling people liars when you don't have all the facts either. The premise of this article is ridiculous considering ACORN and all the voter fraud of the 2008 election. It has been my experience that the ones doing the accusing and finger pointing are usually the ones committing the act.

  11. Keith


    I don't understand. The same company makes ATM and voting machines.

    One can't calculate and the other always gets it right?

    I mean seriously, when was the last time you heard someone say that they got the wrong number of $20 bills from the ATM?

    • Will


      I know plenty of people, including me, that have gotten incorrect bank statements and receipts from ATMs all the time. So thats a pretty bad example.

    • Will


      Not to mention that about 80% of all the ATMs ive ever used have messed up touchscreens that make you have to push the button multiple times, or it thinks you pushed a different button from the one you actually pushed. The machines themselves are notoriously crappy and unreliable.

  12. Is the fix in???

    The Platzner Post Facebook, and Twitter

  13. William


    Keith, you know the interesting thing about ATMs? They give you a paper receipt so you can verify that your transaction was recorded correctly.

  14. Tracey


    I'm not usually one to take much interest in conspiracy theories, but I remember back in late 2008, a Republican IT consultant was subpoeanaed about alleged tampering with the 2004 election. He resisted the subpoena, but when push came to shove… suddenly the conservative pundits started saying that Obama was going to win the election. And shortly after the election, he died in a plane crash.

    Here are some links. They are from liberal-leaning sites, which of course means no conservative will believe a word of them, but there's no denying the fact that he was called to testify about election tampering and he died in a plane crash in December 2008. Unless, of course, you're living in a conservative alternate reality.



  15. Zamboni


    Why all this posturing about "I don't usually go for conspiracy theories, but . . .?"

    For goodness sake, what's wrong with conspiracy theories?

    I know that we all have been conditioned by the mass media to automatically eschew them and to think that, if we even consider them for a moment, we will be:

    a) ridiculed;

    b) laughed at; and/or

    c) shunned by all intelligent people.

    But forget the mind-control for a second, and think about what you already know: almost all wars and most major crimes are, and in fact must be, the results of people plotting in secret to both carry out the act, and to not get caught or blamed for doing it.

    Election fraud? Duhhhh . . .

    Politics is a dirty game – always has been. And fixing political races is tactique de rigueur – always has been. They used to steal voting boxes in Chicago in the Twenties – things are a bit more high tech now. http://youtu.be/mq9WVuKGwOM

  16. Ben Goodman


    Black box voting machines are designed for corruption. Any governmental organization that procures such systems has one thing in mind – vote fraud.

    Secure voting can be achieved with simple, off-the-shelf technology. http://extremevision.org/Secure_Voting.htm

  17. Jakester


    Those who think Texas is a gimmie state are not paying attention and just repeating the standard line. Now maybe one of the reasons that Texas might be a gimmie to the Republicans is because of voting machine manipulation. However, there is a surge of Hispanic voter enthusiasm with the election of the first Latino chair of the Texas Democratic Party as well as the national recognition and prominence given to Latino elected officials such as the Castro brothers from San Antonio. There is also the fact that women are pissed off and that the Tea Party Republican won the US Senate Republican Primary to the consternation of moderate Republicans. Last, the Texas Democrat for U.S. Senate – Paul Sadler was an exceptional leader in the Texas Legislature and is noted for his bipartisan skills. Don't count Texas out as a gimmie, please. If nothing else, within the next decade the demographics of the state will become so that hispanics are in the majority and overwhelmingly support the Democratic Party.

  18. toosmarttovoteGOP



    • toosmarttovoteGOP


      Hey administrator: any chance you could disable the "reply" when the original message has been deleted?

      • Linda (The Daily Dolt)

        Linda the Dolt


        Are you getting spam? I don't see any on here. I typically get like 10-15 spam messages/day and I try to delete them as soon as I can.

        • toosmarttovoteGOP


          I had been informed of a reply that turned out to be spam, so I called for its flagging. When I went to check the comment section I found the spam gone but my comment was there leading me to believe that the spam had actually been removed before I replied to it.

          Seeing the flagging out there by itself for no apparent reason looked kinda pointless and stupid (I can look stupid without your help having had FAR too much practice), I thought, hence the query.

          Since it seems you're doing a pretty good job deleting said dreck, I'll cease kvetching. Thank you for the response.

  19. While the usual concern by cynical and suspicious liberals is that elections can be stolen by diddling the code, it is FAR easier to affect an election by controlling the allocation of machines, especially replacement/backup machines that are needed when machines in the field fail. With a finite number of replacements, the person who decides who gets the limited supply of replacements could affect the vote count. This would be far easier to do (just another voter suppression tactic) than tampering with computer code (a serious felony). After all, how do you criminalize a "judgment call"?

    The only way to combat this tactic would be public/press scrutiny to partisans running a voting machine company, and similar scrutiny on election day see what decisions are made.

    • Linda (The Daily Dolt)

      Linda the Dolt


      That's a really good point.

  20. Land of opportunity


    When a private equity company buys an entity they have to, by the virtue of ownership, put directors on the board of that company. That is just how the laws work. If you know anything about PE, you know that they have no intervention in the day to day operations of a company nor do they want to. They are in the business of making money not throwing elections. I am frankly sick of the media bashing Mitt and HIG for making a lot of money. Guess who else makes a ton of money when they do? The investors in these funds. Who are the investors in these funds? PUBLIC PENSIONS, UNIVERSITY ENDOWMENTS, BIG AUTO PENSIONS etc. Over 90% of a funds profits go back to its investors and yes 10% goes to the guys busting their tails to make that money. It's called the American Dream and no one should have to apologize for realizing it.

    • Peter


      Who says that the throwing elections business isn't as lucrative?

  21. Joy Cook


    SO these machines are still being used all over the country? This really needs to get out..

  22. Joe Average


    Both Parties had a chance to eliminate this fraud and destruction of our democracy and instead they deflect to voter ID.. Both Parties are puppets to the 1% elite. Check out the directors that control these companies.

    It would be an interesting and objective study if we did the religious and ethnic demographics of the 1% and those who control these voting machines.

  23. Chris


    These guys could benefit from a binder full of women!

  24. It is very easy to hack a voting machine, this video demonstrates:

    Sign this petition to nullify votes made on Tagg Romney's Voting Machines:

    http://signon.org/sign/nullify-the-vote-count?sou… … …

    Sign this one too! Petition Attorney General @EricHolder: Investigate Tagg Romney owning Voting Machines in OHIO:


  25. Usuallу Ӏ don't read post on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very pressured me to check out and do it! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thanks, very great post.

  26. Tru


    This whole article, essentially copied from other websites, is nonsense. Snopes has the story right. I'm a Dem in Ohio and I vote on paper, like many voters in the state. Our ballots are scanned by machine but that's the only way a machine even comes into the situation. All of Ohio votes either by scanned paper ballot or on machines that provide voter-verifiable paper records of the ballot cast. Don't believe it? Look on http://verifiedvoting.org/, a nonpartisan treasure trove of information on how every county in every U.S. state votes, what equipment is used for voting and scanning ballots where, and what kind of vulnerabilities it may have.

  27. Hart Inter Civic Vot


    A Hart Inter Civic voting machine in action in Pennsylvania. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdpGd74DrBM&fe

    • Linda (The Daily Dolt)

      Linda the Dolt


      I just emailed the CentralPA guy (the YouTube poster) to see what county he's in so I can verify who manufactured the machine. It's probably just a glitch, but it's definitely worth looking into. Thanks.

  28. Thomas


    Very descriptive post, I liked that bit. Will there be a part 2?

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