Arkansas Republican: Slavery Was a Blessing For Black People

Now Arkansas, you didn’t think we forgot about you, did you? We know, sometimes it’s hard to compete in the news cycle, what with Minnesota Republicans campaigning in liberal synagogues on Yom Kippur and Texas Representatives telling Pakistani-American law students to go back to Afghanistan.

But guess what, Arkansas? Today is your day!! Because one of your state representatives, Jon Hubbard (R-Jonesboro), has written a veritable treasure trove of derp-nuggets. And then after Hubbard wrote all those derp-nuggets, he set them down, took a deep breath, read them over again with a clear head, and decided “yes, this is exactly what I want to say; this is brilliant,” and then he sent them off to a publisher, had them bound into a book, and began selling it on Amazon. It’s called Letters to the Editor: Confessions of a Frustrated Conservative. Let’s have a look!

Derp Nugget #1:  Slavery was actually a blessing for black people.

“… the institution of slavery that the black race has long believed to be an abomination upon its people may actually have been a blessing in disguise. The blacks who could endure those conditions and circumstances would someday be rewarded with citizenship in the greatest nation ever established upon the face of the Earth.” (Pages 183-89)

Derp Nugget #2:  Wouldn’t it be great if black people stopped being so ignorant all the time?

“Wouldn’t life for blacks in America today be more enjoyable and successful if they would only learn to appreciate the value of a good education?” (Page 184)

Derp Nugget #3:  Integration made white people dumber and lazier.

“… one of the stated purposes of school integration was to bring black students up to a level close to that of white students. But, to the great disappointment of everyone, the results of this theory worked exactly in reverse of its intended purpose, and instead of black students rising to the educational levels previously attained by white students, the white students dropped to the level of black students. To make matters worse the lack of discipline and ambition of black students soon became shared by their white classmates, and our educational system has been in a steady decline ever since.” (Page 27)

Derp Nugget #4:  If only black people would be more inclusive and contribute to society.

“… will it ever become possible for black people in the United States of America to firmly establish themselves as inclusive and contributing members of society within this country?” (Page 187) [Dolt Ed. Note: Totally!! We can’t think of a single black person who has contributed to American society.]

Derp Nugget #5:  Immigration will lead to “extermination”:

..the immigration issue, both legal and illegal… will lead to planned wars or extermination. Although now this seems to be barbaric and uncivilized, it will at some point become as necessary as eating and breathing.” (Page 9)

Derp Nugget #6:  WTF is this supposed to mean????

“American Christians are assuming a similar stance as did the citizens of Germany during Hitler’s rise to power.” (Page 158)


*If you need to purchase some mind bleach after reading all that, please do us a favor and purchase it on Amazon.com through this helpful link we are providing.

**Hubbard is up for reelection this year.  Here is a link to his Democratic opponent, Harold Copenhaver, in case you want to donate. (The Daily Dolt has no association with either of these candidates. We just feel bad for the people living in Arkansas who are not actually fuck-wads, including the 16% black population there.)

84 Responses to Arkansas Republican: Slavery Was a Blessing For Black People

  1. Gabriel


    I stopped reading after "derp-nuggets." Don't write like a fourteen year old who just found 9gag.

    • Anon


      >>>14 year old who just found 9gag

      Don't stereotype 14-year-olds, buddy. But you're right, "Derp-nuggets" is below stupid.

    • Linda (The Daily Dolt)

      Linda the Dolt


      You're right, I should take this journalistic endeavor called "The Daily Dolt" more seriously. Next time I'll call them "Giant Bigoted Turd-Brain Biscuits."

    • Gabriel R


      This article to me is a great piece of satire. What would your classification/choice of words be to describe such a "veritable treasure trove" of statements?

      • toosmarttovoteGOP


        How is reporting what some [guano]-crazy half-wit said "satire"?

    • barjack


      Don't let your superior attitude send you off-message. You should have stuck around for the Southern-Fried Chicken nuggets if you really wanted something to gag over. This guy is a perfect example of why the 'border fence' they are rooting for should really be installed around the 'Olde Southe.' With NO gate, anywhere!

  2. L. Ron Hoover


    Mr. Hubbard also forgot to mention that the blacks all received free transportation to the U.S. Talk about a sweet deal.

  3. Ben


    "Derp Nugget" is too much win… love it.

  4. Someguy


    He probably found humor in calling someone a derp nugget? Personal preference on wording doesn't make a statement worthless. He's quoting people, insulting them in his own way. I don't see what it has to do with a 14 year old 9gagger whatsoever.

    Also, thanks for the quotes, made some good laughs, and some conversation for me and some people.

  5. AVoiceofReason


    Funny how the word "derp" caused a distraction from the EVIDENCE. The truth is the truth.

    Some people get all fouled up with word/name dropping because they're generally the ones who use words in the same demonizing way. It's ok for one, but not the other.

    but still…. the EVIDENCE remains. I know this is frustrating to partisan hacks, but you shouldn't be playing with politics and human life like a sport.

  6. collectivistclusterf


    Would anyone trying to make the point in #4, but for white people, use Jimmy Carter?

    Seriously? You couldn't think of a less incompetent black person? Mr. Obama is only half black, by the way. I'm not sure if you are for or against Hubbard with this kind of piss-poor reasoning.

  7. mc1964


    If you can't believe anyone could make such

    ignorant comments in this day and age, remember

    that he's appealing to his base: inbred white

    trash that lives and breathes this racist garbage.

    • Greg


      I am from Arkansas. I was born here and my entire family tree for 5+ generations is made up of Arkansas people. None of us are inbred nor are we ignorant. Your very crude and completely inaccurate assessment of an entire state only serves to prove just how lacking in education you are.

      I was raised in a home of tolerance and acceptance. You however seem to share the same desire for hatred and elitism as Mr. Hubbard. One can only hope you have the will to change your ways and educate yourself on these matters to avoid looking like such a douche in the future.

      • T.K.


        Did you even read the article? The author never said anything bad about the state of Arkansas, only reprinted the ignorant statments of one of the state's representatives.

        Perhaps you are lacking education to the point where you COULDN'T read the article. For some reason I have this phase stuck in my head, something about glasss houses and stones. Hmm, how does that go exactly?

        • Codger


          "Hmm, how does that go exactly?"

          It goes Greg was speaking about MC1964's response.

          To paraphrase: Perhaps you are lacking education to the point where you COULDN’T read the names on the responses, orsee the arrows.

        • Lol


          Hahaha. You're such an idiot.

      • OriginalPounderOfAss


        are you denying the existence of inbred white trash in arkansas. i dont believe MC singled you out, he was just stating that this republican is reaching out to his key demographic. retards.

      • Sterling


        And yet, he was elected by a majority of his peers, who presume were not from out of state.

  8. Blargh


    When I read stuff like this, it makes me wonder how out of touch with what most Americans want and believe in does this guy's Democratic opponents have to be for him to be elected. Seems that is Democrats nominated more moderates, and committed to rule from the center, they could have 80% of the seats in the House and Senate.

    • I is speak good


      Proofreading is your friend.

  9. Vlad-Drakul


    Yes this is a poorly worded text. And one might find other faults in the writer but the real kicker is the 800 lb gorilla of Neo Nazism.

    And don't quote Godwins Law on me (that poor debaters compare their enemies to Nazis)! I am not the one being quoted here mentioning Nazis and cmparing his supporters to them; WILLINGLY!!!!

  10. grand wizard kenny


    Bless John and White Power.

  11. matt guzda


    what he meant by american christians taking the stance of the german people during hitlers rise to power is no joke. he means that he agrees with facsism and hitlers form of it, and that the next wave will be made up of american christians. look if the republicans could field a great orator who started putting groups of the opposition in prison (we , as a nation, must remain diligent against crime) with the aid of nebulous law so that law enforcement had the freedom to arrest and detain anyone at anytime (the patriot act) we're there. we will have become a fully fascist state. wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.

  12. Trayvon Clinton


    Characterize a political party by quoting an idiot. Yeah, I see where the "dolt" part comes in… Typical Democrat strategy.

    • John


      Hi derpwad. If the GOP doesn't agree with this guy, then why are they bankrolling his campaign?

    • Once Democrat, Now R


      Obama: But Romney doesnt actually have a plan

      Romney: (states many many parts of his plans)

      Obama: But Romney doesnt actually have a plan

      Romney: (states many many parts of his plans)

      Obama: But Romney doesnt actually have a plan

      Romney: (states many many parts of his plans)


      • Rmoney


        Oh yes! What is his plan again? copy paste of Dubya's plan. GTFO!

  13. Dubbah


    I bought Amazon bleach and am now pouring it over my head and massaging it into my scalp/brain.

    Unfortunately, my brain still hurts and it remembers…. like a bad dentist trip or surgery… the body knows the pain it never truly felt.

  14. Yucky64



    You Leftist degenerate race traitors chronically deny ugly realities that don't fit your "liberal" paradigm.

    Your precious little nig pets have been scientifically proven to be subhuman scum.

    IQ statistics, academic statistics, economic statistics, violent crime statistics, statistics on social problems, etc, all point to your beloved niggers being 3rd world mongoloids.

    Niggers have the lowest average IQ out of any race on the planet. And peer reviewed scientific studies have proven that IQ is mostly inherited from your parents.

    So don't even bother with the "IT'S CULTURAL!1", "IQ tests are made by neo-Nazi White people!1" (which is why Ashkenazi Jews and East Asians have slightly higher average IQs than Whites…), "IQ tests don't mean anything!1' (except when you libtards are bashing fundamentalist Christians and "Rednecks", amirite?), etc.

    Deep down, we all know that mud people are uncivilized, under-evolved, chimps who still have one foot firmly stuck in the animal kingdom.

    I mean, they fucking look like missing links for God sake. They're absolutely disgusting looking with their primitive features.

    Black Supremacists (LMAO) just love to point out that they were the first modern humans. And indeed, a mountain of scientific evidence points to exactly that – including their hilariously pathetic IQ scores, savage behavior and vomit inducing living standards.

    EVERY other race has contributed something of worth to humanity – besides the negroid. They're still living in mud huts in the 21st century for God sakes.

    And sorry to mindrape all the D-baggers on here, but blacks clearly need the guiding hand of the evaaaaal White Man in order to advance their living standards.

    I know that most of you "liberal" fucks have been brainwashed since childhood with the racist idea – towards White people – that White European colonization, imperialism, slavery and segregation is 110% to blame for chronic black backwardness all across the entire world; but it's actually quite clear to anyone who looks at the history of White colonization of black Sub-Saharan Africa that White colonialists actually had a far more positive impact on black [lack of] civilization than negative.

    Simply look at black Sub-Saharan African countries before, during and after White rule. It was under White rule that those nations saw massive advancements in their quality of life. And sure enough, after (usually) Marxist black nationalist movements kicked off, the Whites were gradually guilted into giving over the reins of power back to the native blacks, those countries went backwards again (just look at Zimbabwe as the perfect example).

    And of course the same is true in America. Why on Earth do nigs bitch so much about how supposedly horrible it is for them here in Amerikkka when, as my White Brother stated, getting enslaved by Whites and being brought over here was the BEST DAMN THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO THEM?

    Even during the overly demonized days of racial segregation in America, the average black American had a higher average GDP than he or she would ever dream of having back in their native Africa. Fuck, they'd be lucky to make it past the ripe old age of 25 back home.

    Niggers are so mind blowingly retarded that we actually have to to send liberal White bleeding hearts over there just to teach them to not take a dump in their own water supply….

    Darkies are clearly leeching off this advanced White civilization we built in America. So stop crying! Feel free to go home! (I'd love to get sent back to Europe personally. My standard of living would actually increase!)

    I also gotta LOL at how nigs in this country just love to fantasize about how great their lives would supposedly be if they could just free themselves from supposed White oppression (like affirmative action and diversity handouts…?) and create their own utopian black nationalist state.

    Um, that experiment has indeed already been tested actually – it's called Liberia.

    Yep. Liberia is a little known American colony on the West Coast of Africa where former black slaves in America were resettled.

    The deified and supposedly proto anti-racist Lincoln actually believed that blacks were mentally inferior to Whites and that they could never live as equals in a White society like America. So, he actually wanted to ship them all back to Africa.

    A lot of former black slaves when offered to be resettled back in their native lands actually REFUSED. That's because they KNEW that their standards of living – even under slavery and segregation – were still light years ahead of what they had back in their native black lands.

    And indeed, Liberia has turned out to be a massive clusterfuck. They literally have cannibal wars over there where they fucking eat each other on the streets (go check out the documentaries). And you guessed it, they're one of those hilariously pathetic $2 a day cesspools.

    Face grim scientific reality you pathologically self-loathing White communists. You know he's right!

    • toosmarttovoteGOP


      Wow. Took a lot of backhoe-ing to move THAT load. Talk about issues…

    • Simon Linnet


      Hmm, well I never in my entire life read such a load of crab from such an ignorant person. You can't be very educated or have any kind of realistic sence of life, you're just one of those stupid white idiots that we're trying to get rid of here in Europe! And yeah, I said Europe, cause I'm a European, a Dane actually (if you know what nationality that is…probably not…) and I can tell you, we don't want you back here in Europe, we're happy that you left in the forst place., please stay in the United Bluff, we don't need you here…

      You wanna hear something funny? In my country we have socialism…yeah that's right socialism, uuhhh, the whole nine yards with socialized medicine, no poor people on the streets cause we try to help them, no capitalists (republicans) earning on other people's misfortune (as your privatized medical insurance companies) and so on…The funny thing is, it actually works, does America work? You're the most indepted country in the world because of white capitalists greed (banks, insurance companies, investment companies…etc.)

      So excuse me for laughing when you say America is the greatest nation on earth…you are a far way from that…

      So please, in the future, don't drag is Europeans into your stupid ideologies, we don't need or want it, or somone like you here, we we're happy when you left in the first place…us Europeans learn/learned from our mistakes, isn't it time that you try to do the same???

    • booger


      Mr. Jonesboro? Is that you?

  15. Well Then


    @Yucky64 Kindly step back through your trapdoor to hell and stay there, where you belong. I'm ashamed to share this planet with you, you tiny-pricked piece of primeval feces.

  16. Anonymous


    @ Yucky64, you r obviously the most unintelligent person on the face of the earth, People like you should not be allowed to exist among other human beings. We will lock that trap-door behind you and burn it.

  17. LastDawnOfMan


    I understand that Switzerland is the land of opportunity in today's world, having the best social mobility of all the countries. So we should bundle this guy and a bunch of his Republican friends onto a slaveship under the same conditions the Africans were shipped 200 years ago, as a favor to all of them. The survivors will surely thank us a couple of hundred years from now.

  18. Yucky64


    Good luck libtards trying to explain why Switzerland is Switzerland and Nigeria is Nigeria.

    Leftists in academia have twisted their brains into pretzels as they desperately attempt to explain global racial inequality.

    The primary talking point is of course blaming we evaaaaal White Men. Our racist imperialism apparently fucked over the entire world and the "legacy" of it still lingers on to this day.

    Too bad the wild success of East Asians both in America and in their native lands totally debunks that bullshit.

    Afterall, if there really was a top secret White conspiracy to hold down non-Whites, then why do East Asians in America do even better than Whites on IQ tests, academic scores, GDP per capita and commit less violent crime and have less social problems?

    Libtards can't answer that shit. It's so fucking hilarious to anal rape them with scientific racism. Especially since so many of them just love to fancy themselves as these kinds of amateur scientists; all while pretending that their Right-wing enemies – like me – are these anti-science, toothless, Jesus Freak, hillbillies.


    One of my favorite bleeding heart attempts to explain East Asian success in America is that East Asians have largely remained in their own ethnic ghettos where they can look out for each other and escape the evil oppressive hand of the White Man.

    And yet blacks living in ethnic ghettos is the same excuse bleeding heart White race traitors use to explain black failure.


    God, it must really enrage Leftards when someone brings up East Asians. Afterall, East Asians also faced White racism and discrimination. And their countries were also colonized by Whites (Whites conquered 85% of the globe).

    And yet East Asians continue to thrive everywhere they live.

    The ONLY logical explanation is IQ. Whites and East Asians are the only races with average IQs over 100. And sure enough, they're clearly the only races who can organically grow advanced, prosperous and safe societies.

    The only exception being Whites and East Asians who adopted Leftist Obamunism like Eastern Europe, Russia, China, North Korea, etc. And the only brown races that do relatively well are the ones carried by natural resources – like the a-rab sand niggers.

    You know it's true. Just accept it. Accept race realism. For science!

  19. Eaux?


    Yucky64 would NEVER have the balls to say this to black person's face in real life. He KNOWS he would get his weak ass severely kicked. So the little troll takes refuge in his mommy's basement and spews his hate online where he won't have to face consequences thanks to the protection of internet anonymity.

    Cowards are the fucking worst.

    • toosmarttovoteGOP


      Make that, "idiot, racist, ignorant cowards" and you;ve got it. He's among the three worst examples of living colostomy bags I've ever directly dealt with.

  20. Rainman


    Jon Hubbard couldn't be more correct. This country would be far better off if they stopped giving handouts and healthcare to poor citizens who use drugs and have no ambition to get a job. All they want is the Goverment to give them free stuff paid for by those willing to work. Those are the people who vote for Obama. We all know who they are.

  21. jmames


    What if Yucky64 was Jon Hubbard? I would be ashamed of humanity thrice over.

  22. aboveaverage


    I live in Arkansas and have for the majority of my life. Both my spouse and I have above average IQs. He is a master electrician and I retired due to illness. Neither of us have ever been to jail, killed anyone and both of our families are highly successful. Filled with doctors, lawyers, military personnel, managers and business owners. I say all of this to say to Yuck64 and Hubbard I am apalled to hear your stereotypes and racist comments. To me ppl such as yourself are the real reasons why America is on a steady decline.

  23. Helaine


    Awesome post.

  24. Shocked


    Do people like this really walk the earth? Your kind should burn in hell with Hitler…Idiot, racist. You are so angry…is it because your parents are ashamed of the little punk they brought into this world??

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