Paul Ryan: “Let’s Make This Country a Tax Shelter”

Photo: Gage Skidmore

Ugh, you know what’s so annoying?  Having to go all the way out to the Cayman Islands to shelter your money. Why hasn’t a politician proposed a much more convenient means of hiding profits right here in the United States? Thankfully, it turns out there is a politician suggesting this.

In a previously unreported 2011 interview with American Business Magazine, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) proposed that the United States turn itself into a tax shelter for foreign businesses to hide their money:

Let’s make this country a tax shelter for other countries instead of having other countries be a tax shelter for America.

Ryan has previously called called the Cayman Islands “the place you hide your money.” The Cayman Islands’ website currently boasts that “there are no direct taxes in the Cayman Islands,” including “no income tax, company or corporation tax, inheritance tax, capital gains or gift tax,” and “no property taxes or rates.” So just think of all the added tax revenue we’ll have if we have tax rates below theirs!! By our calculations, we’ll have a balanced budget in no time.


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  1. barjack


    Ugh,You know what's SO annoying? Another 'picture with a view' – straight up ryan's nose. Please! His face is bad enough, but the booger-pit has gotta go.

    • Linda (The Daily Dolt)

      Linda the Dolt


      Ha! Never noticed that. I'll try to avoid that next time.