Mitt Romney Has the Lowest Favorability Rating Of Any Presidential Nominee In Modern History — Including All Of the Eventual Losers

He smiles but it still hurts on the inside :(

Have you ever looked at Mitt Romney on your television screen and thought to yourself, “My God, he looks like an older version of the preppy villain in every 1980’s teen comedy ever produced. Who even likes this guy?”? Well, according to a new paper published by the Pew Research Center, the answer to your question is: virtually no one.

A review of Pew Research Center and Gallup survey data from September finds that Mitt Romney has the lowest favorability rating of any presidential nominee in recent history. In fact, Mitt Romney is the only candidate over the past seven election cycles to be viewed more unfavorably than favorably — and that’s including all of the nominees who went on to lose the election. In fact, while the graph below only goes back to 1988, Andrew Romano over at The Daily Beast/Newsweek sifted through the data going all the way back to 1976 and still couldn’t find any nominee with lower favorability ratings than Romney.

Oh, and this is before the whole “47%” thing went public.


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60 Responses to Mitt Romney Has the Lowest Favorability Rating Of Any Presidential Nominee In Modern History — Including All Of the Eventual Losers

  1. Georgia Lewis


    He is just not ready sadly I don't think he ever will be. He is not in touch with the world as it really is.

  2. Edwin Gravitt


    Mitt Romney never came close to being my choice and neither did any other Republican candidate except Ron Paul. The GOP leadership blew it and I hope it goes the way of the dinosaur along with the Democratic Party. It's time for us to stop letting political parties run our lives from Washington, D.C. and our respective states.

    • Jeff Schoof


      Well said Edwin. I am a hardcore Ron Paul supporter and totally agree with with you. We need a different party to lead us back to a Constitutional Republic and get us out of this Oligarchy.

    • Paul


      I agree. Unfortunately people don't want to face reality. I get ridiculed everyday for caring about politics. But I did have a coworker approach me the other day telling me he had been thinking about what I had been saying and started looking into it. Now he realizes the peril we're in. So there's hope! Keep fighting the fight and informing everyone.

    • scawarren


      Couldn't agree more, Edwin. I hope you're considering Gary Johnson now :)

      • I am not considering ANYONE other than Congressman Ron Paul. We are fighting for our "write-in" votes to count; therefore, my vote and others "write-in" votes WILL count! Let's show the corrupt Government that they cannot pull the wool over our eyes any longer!

        No one, not ANYONE, can replace my President, Ron Paul…

        Vote Congressman Ron Paul as a "write-in" and let's take our freedom and America BACK to the basics!

        • Thomas J Butler


          I absolutely agree with you Nicole! We need a "Doctor in the House".

  3. Lakawak


    At least your site's name is an accurate description of the worthless idiots who write for it.

    • Paul


      Don't be a troll. If you have something substantial to fortify your claim it will give you some credibility.

      • Artur


        Thank you, Paul.

    • Erdman West III



  4. Paul


    There's virtually no difference between Romney and Obama, with the exception of unions vs corporations. Ron Paul would have gotten my vote. Now it will go to Gary Johnson.

    • Artur


      What? Are you being serious?

      Don’t be a troll. If you have something substantial to fortify your claim it will give you some credibility.

      • Dennis


        Artur, Don’t be a troll. If you have something substantial to fortify your claim it will give you some credibility.

  5. SC


    Voting for Gary Johnson is pointless and will throw the election in Mitt Romney's favor. Actually Mitt Romney is so behind he is praying for a repeat of Bush/Gore when all those people decided to "make a stand" and prove no point what-so-ever by voting for Nader and then we ended up with 8 years of Bush's nightmare. Obama was not my first choice, but he is the only chance to keep Mitt Romney out of office. Also the more I research him and really do my homework the better I like him.

    • PositivelyUp



      I have heard people mention this very same thing. This is the reason the RNC/Romney gang blew off Ron Paul and now the 47%. Most of these people are the Republican base. This only makes sense as they know it will be very close and by eliminating Obama's numbers is one way. They know there is no way in hell Ron Paul's supporters will back Romney and they certainly don't want any of them to go back to Obama. Dividing those people they feel will not vote for Romney and not Obama but will go to Gary Johnson actually helps Romney. Do you recall the GOP race in Florida when Romney spent over 10 million in negative and blatent lies in TV ads to paint the worst possible picture of Newt Gingrich? Florida voters actually voted against the guy in the ads (Newt) because they disliked him so much that they voted for the other "good" guy Romney. Tricked with a one two sucker punch. Dirty but tricky politics. Florida newspapers said Romney ran the most negative political campaign in Florida history. Romney and his wealthy donors are set to loose billions in taxes if they have to go back to the 39% rate of the Bill Clinton days which Obama is promising to do. Currently they are at 35% and Romney is promising to make them a 25% permanent rate with Bush cuts. The scarest part is that we don't know where he plans to make up for the 6 trillion in lost taxes yearly. The cuts he is promising the middle class will not amount to much and he still has not said how he will pay for that either. I would rather sit it out for 4 more years then go with Romney. He really gives me the creeps. Long time Republican but voting for Obama to keep Romney out…and I am not alone..far from it.

    • Paul


      So you're saying I should vote for someone I have no common interest with because the guy I do have common interest with has no real chance at winning? That's the sort of compromise that's gotten America into the downward spiral it's in. Get out of your establishment paradigm mentality and vote on principles.

      • Anonymous


        Your logic is stupid. I think you should swallow your nostalgic pride. You can go back yo your principles once we've ensured the stability of our nation.

        • DCPrin


          You mock someone else and their logic as "stupid:, yet provide no support of your claim.

          What happens when you vote for one of the two "contenders", both of which do not represent your values? You are helping to ensure that you are unhappy and not properly represented.

          Some "logic" people employ to justify voting for the two major parties:

          1] To make your vote count.

          Unless you are in a true purple swing state, your single vote is highly unlikely to decide your state's electoral votes. If your vote is unlikely to be significant, vote your principles so you can be proud of your choice.

          2] The 3rd parties cant win.

          Due to the limitations of campaign finance, Repub/Dem control of the system and the electoral college, a third party is unlikely to win until there is real reform. That is not the point.

          The point of third parties is to show how important certain issues are. If there is enough support, one of the big two will steal it to get the votes. So again, vote your principles to cause change.

          3] All the candidates are the same:

          There is a real difference in the candidates; some highlights:

          -Romney is for tax cuts..with no real way to pay for them. He hopes to "grow" the economy to pay for them with nothing to back these claims.

          -Obama has ordered the assassination of US citizen abroad with no semblance of due process. Has also used drone strikes in foreign countries to kill terrorists and classified any male in the vicinity as an "enemy combatant". Creating multiple America hating families to kill one America hating individual.

          -Ron Paul wants to balance the budget with the elimination of multiple government departments. Take a look at that list and their functions and see if you feel the same level of support.

          -Gary Johnson's pure libertarianism is the definition of, "you're on your own", but has done a great job as governor balancing the other two parties and the values.

          -Jill Stein has focus on Green technology and a job bank system to get people who want to work, a job.

          Dont vote on who you "hate the least", America is a country of ideals. Vote your values.

        • Paul


          My logic is stupid? What's stupid is your notion that putting either candidate bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs in the White House will bring stability to America, not to mention your apparent misconception of what nostalgia is.

      • Anonymous


        Your logic is stupid. I think you should swallow your nostalgic pride. You can go back to your principles once we've ensured the stability of our nation.

      • Michael Heynz


        Principles? Mitt Romney? Republican Party? They only principles they adhere to is denying freedom to those they disagree with and redistribution of the wealth that is created by the laborers up to the parasitic class at the top who do nothing by pillage and plunder the world all while claiming to be the "true" Christians. I always vote with my Christian Principles, which is why I support Obama.

      • grampadave


        I don't see what 'having a common interest' has to do with it, unless you define that differently than I do. I don't need to be able to identify on a personal level with a candidate. I will be voting for the lesser of two evils in this election. I'm an old guy and I don't have much personal stake in the outcome but I fear for the future of this country. Corporations own everything, meaning all three branches of government and the money people control every aspect of our lives. Romney is incredibly plastic and artificial as well as uninformed and out of touch that he would be seen as a buffoon in the eyes of the rest of the world, while President Obama has restored confidence in the U.S. worldwide, except in those nations we've devastated with our military actions. Those people and their neighbors hate us, and for good reason. Okay, I'll stop my rant now…

  6. You idiots can vote for the buckwheat looking guy but your all making that much easier for the king to fuck us even more.

    Asshole obama HAS NO FUCKEN experience in this office….at least let a business man run this business and get the money goign again whats wrongwith you obama lovers…what do you love a big blag cock shoved up your ass?

    • Chuckd


      Hey dumb ass– in case you haven't noticed, Obama actually has FOUR YEARS experience in this office. Romney has zero. Your argument is four years away from being in any way relevant apart from the racism, which is even more outdated. Go back to the 19th century where your odd sexual obsessions will be more at home.

    • Anonymous


      Poe's Law is strong with this one.

    • Erdman West III


      These are President Obama's accomplishments:

      Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act-Equal pay for women

      Children's Health Insurance Program

      2009 Stimulus bill

      Ordered kill of Somali Pirates;

      Eased restrictions on Cuba;

      Serve America Act

      Fraud Enforcement Act

      Federal funding of stem cell research

      Credit Card Act

      Matthew Shepard Act

      Student Aid Act

      Wall Street Reform Act

      Rescue of the US automobile industry

      Health insurance reform

      Timetables for bringing our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan

      Extension of unemployment compensation

      An end to discrimination against homosexuals in the military

      Assisted in the overthrow of Gaddafi, at no loss of American life

      Dismantled Al Qaeda

      Fair Sentencing Act

      Small Business Jobs Act

      Veterans' Benefit Act

      2010 Tax & Jobs Compromise

      Food Safety Modernization Act

      New START Treaty

      US Forces Kill Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan

      America Invents Act

      War in Iraq ended with last American troops crossing border into Kuwait

      Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Credit

      First President to publicly support the legalization of same sex marriage

      Stock market climbed from 8,279.63 1/9/2009 to 12,562.47 7/11/2012

      Republican Party

      They espouse the rights of fetuses over women, yet support corporations over people.

      They claim Medicare & Social Security are bankrupting the Nation, yet they support big banks who collapsed our economy.

      They want to gut social programs for the poor, but support increased military spending NOT to troops but to contractors

      They claim abortion is a mortal sin but children getting food stamps is 'a problem'.

      They site the Constitution regularly, yet work towards suppressing votes.

      All Men Are Created Equal…except for Women, Muslims, Gays & Progressives.

      • Michal


        Well stated…facts & all!

    • Anonymous


      Oh my God. The only way to save your God forsaken nation from what it should have been before it was bought by corporate money, is stop giving them all the power by placing so much importance on money.

      I'm not a liberal hippy, I don't think we'll all learn to get along, we're not just going to hold hands and fix this mess… That will come after the mess is fixed if we know what's good for us… But I am saying that if you stop thinking in terms of finance and start thinking in terms of what's actually best for the people.

      You guys have tonnes of imaginary money over there, you're doing great! There are some seriously RICH motherfuckers in the US and you're sure funding that expensive war well, the problem is it's only a tiny tiny amount of you that have that money, because they robbed it from you.

      So stop being happy because Fox News told you economy is looking good, in some mindless, zombified, vicarious, bizarre state of being and start thinking about what's good for YOU!

      Great the economy is doing well and America are winning (apparently just existing on Earth, and being born in a country makes you in direct competition with all the other countries by this ridiculous logic) but what is is it really doing for YOU! NOTHING!

      You still live in your shitty house that's not as good as Romney's or a million other peoples, but you wish it was you freaky bitch, and you LOVE IT because that's the game.

      Well it's time to stop playing this childish game, because people are suffering motherfucker.

      Every single day because of capitalism.}

      It's only because people in the wealthy countries have started suffering that anyone actually gives a shit in the first place which is sad in a way, but in a more accurate way it's reality.

      So wake the hell up!!!

      • Anonymous


        Sorry guys. Got a little emotional there.

        I am an intelligent person, I can make a logical argument I assure you but that persons comment literally blew a gasket in my brain.

      • grampadave


        There's no need to apologize. You are right on spot with that comment. I'm not only an old guy but I'm disabled as well so it doesn't matter to me as an individual. However, I fear for my grandkids and any future generations as well.

        'If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face, forever. Don't let it happen. It depends on you.'

        – George Orwell

    • RLEE


      Tough guy Tony……tone it down there brother. Go back to your hole where you came from. Past experience has shown me that guys that try to talk tough like you aren't anything but a little wussy.

      You're just embarassing yourself. Last time I looked, Obama's got 4 yrs of experience. Ever taken off your Tea Bag glasses and look at what Romney stands for? He's an idiot and could care less about the middle American. It's all about stockpiling as much $$ as he and his henchmen can.

    • Glenn Harper


      I have no tolerance for blatant racism. You show lack of education and that of a well up-bringing. Oh, Just in case you were wondering, I am a white male in my fifties that will be voting for President Obama again. He has done a lot for our country and will continue to do so for the next four years. You need to try and work on that hate in your heart that you have for people of color. We are one in this nation and if you can not get use to that you need to find another place to live.

    • Beebs


      Apparently English is not "Tony Soprano's" first language, but he was lucky to make some American friends in an alley behind a pool hall just off the military base who showed him enough kindness to "learn" him the foulest of vocabulary words.

      Seems that all the academics and intellectuals I know personally are liberal, while the least educated are the most conservative. Coincidence?

  7. The only real choice is Gary Johnson. If we all "waste our vote" on Gary Johnson, then he becomes the next President. I say thank you to the GOP for picking Romney. It makes the case for voting for Gary Johnson much easier.

  8. GS Johnson


    Someone I know linked this article and asked if I could say why I support Romney without mentioning Obama in the process. Here is the response I gave:

    I'm not sure what the issue is with Mitt and favorability. I've seen a lot of people bash him online because of his faith. How that is any different than race, I don't know. I've never seen or heard of him trying to force his faith on anyone, nor have I heard him say anything about making it the National Faith if he is elected, but some people think it is an issue. I've seen and heard people complain about his decisions at Bain (and also blame him for things that took place there after he had left). There's also been a LOT of criticism about him flip-flopping and being the "Etch-a-Sketch" candidate.

    Is he the "best" candidate for the job? No. But neither is anyone else on the ballot. They all have their faults. To me, Mitt has fewer than the rest, but that's not why I will vote for him.

    Here's why I will vote for Mitt: 1) He knows business – period. He knows what it will take to get the economy rolling again; to get corporations hiring again. To stop the exporting of our jobs, and stop the importing of cheaper rip-offs of American made products.

    2) Foreign Diplomacy – His instincts have already proven to be on target with his instant condemnation of the Benghazi attacks. Restoring the viability of the Olympic Games also required the ability to coordinate with representatives from other nations. While the issues dealt with with the Olympics were not military in nature, most meetings with foreign rulers are not military related either. Most deal with trade and economy.

    3) Smaller Government – While his plans do not decrease the size as much as I would like to see, his plans do include reducing the size of the Federal Government and passing the responsibilities back to the states.

    4) "Flip-Flopping" can be an atribute – when you try something and it doesn't work the way you planned, the solution isn't to do more of it or try harder at it. Sometimes the solution is to try a different idea. Einstein put it this way: "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity". Sometimes it just makes sense to try something new.

    • Partially Logical


      I truly appreciate the fact that you were able to provide an intelligent argument without slandering your personal choice's opponent. You sir are the type of person I want voting, even if I disagree with your choice of candidate.

      Now, unfortunately, I will attempt to rebuttal your points as objectively as possible (which is nearly impossible but here goes anyways).

      1) Romney knows business: No doubt this is true, his personal fortune speaks for itself. But his strategies for acquiring his money and his suspicious attempts to hide so much of his financial success is puzzling. Why did he get dropped from as a potential VP candidate in 2008 immediately after McCain saw his tax returns for the past 10 years?

      2) Foreign diplomacy: Mitt proved himself with the Olympic games, but he is still the least favorite candidate to non-US citizens. (couldn't find the article to site this source sorry!). The world's opinion of our leader is important in these troubling times.

      3) Smaller government: Yes! This idea is fantastic and should be pursued, but not combined with the addition of massive tax cuts. The deficit is a real issue and his plans do not appear to be addressing this issue at all.

      4) Flip-flopping: A politician should be able to admit when they are wrong and change there opinion. This shows character even when faced with adverse reactions. Unfortunately, changing your opinion multiple times on the same issue, let alone in the same day, simply raises questions marks. I want to know who I'm voting for and where they stand on issues important to me. If you change your mind on an issue while in office due to a legitimate reason, good for you. But as a candidate, flip-flopping without inspiration seems worrisome.

      My rant is over for now, and I really didn't want to bash GS Johnson. Constructive debate is a good thing and I look forward to your rebuttal :)

      • Fjwestbrooks


        I really appreciate GS Johnson and Partially Logicals discussion. I have my mind made up, but it's good to see discussion on a dignified level.

    • bobo brown


      But…Mitt's business career has been built on killing jobs, killing US industry, and making money for his investors. That wont help anyone in the long term. He's a corporate raider, he loots and pillages, he is NOT in the business of making jobs, just making money.

    • Anonymous


      Half of your paragraph was apologizing for this guy. Seriously meditate on that.

      • Erdman West III


        YUP! It was mostly defense. That says a lot because it means that the only thing left for Romney is Obama bashing. He himself has nothing to offer other than being a crooked businessman and a member of a religion which holds the rest of "you people" [that's us] as inferior because the planet Kolob is closer to the throne of God than is Earth.[This is an actual Mormon scriptural belief] I didn't make it up,

    • Anonymous


      How can you expect Mitt Romney to stand up for anyone or their beliefs, let alone do the right thing, when he cannot stand up for himself and his beliefs, or even represent himself fairly.

  9. graham


    boo hoo… It is only fitting that Mitt will forever be immortalized as a LOSER… and someone who lost to a two-bit punk chump zero at that. LOSER hahahahahaha… LOL LOSER

    They had their chance to win but used the long knives of Ron Paul.

  10. Jason


    What does the GOP / REPUBLICAN expect after the treatment and corruption that RON PAUL had to face due to ROMNEY & friends ….You reap what you sow !

  11. The only real choice is Gary Johnson. If he garners a significant portion of the vote it will force the major parties to change their platform to accommodate.

  12. Leland P.


    Romney passed on taking a bunch of charitable contributions so he could maintain a 14% tax rate. he also gave 4 million to charity in the last year. how could people not favor a nominee like that over Obama who doesn't have time to meet up with Benjamin Netanyahu but, he can go kick it with Whoopi on The View?

  13. Jeff Sampson


    If the GOP continues allow it's social platform to be crafted by extremist Christian dogma and it's economic platform by corporate lobbyists, the entire party will fade into oblivion within a generation.

    Younger voters aren't content to form their opinions based on a single news source or following the political leanings of their parents blindly.

  14. paul irvine


    perhaps one reason Romney is so weird about his taxes is because his Mormom tithe will be closely inspected? That's not charity in the same sense that any of us might voluntarily donate. He has to. LDS is quite strict about this.

    The economy is ALREADY rolling. I have interview candidates turning up with jobs in hand! If you are listening to Fox News or reading USA Today, you are so ignorant of what is currently happening. They are reporting TRAILING indicators. There is an organic and real resurgence under way. I desperately hope that the Republicans do NOT get in and start dinking with this, as whatever we're doing now is actually working. The other reason I hope the republicans do not have Romney elected is that it will once again demonstrate that the majority of the populace of America does not understand how to play the game. The rich are laughing at you. You dont get the rules of this game. you think you do, and yet the rich get richer and still laugh at you. are you really that stupid that you would vote Republican unless you have surplus of $1M in the bank in reserves or investments?

  15. Just Max


    Yeah that Gary Johnson thing will sure shake up the parties just like that Ralph Nader thing did.

  16. Chris Spofford


    Any chance of someone having the numbers for Romney AFTER the 47% fumble?

    Also, I'm terribly disappointed that the Republican party was unable to come up with a single person (other than Ron Paul) that could positively represent themselves as someone I could give a second thought about. Am I surprised? Not in the least. Somehow, there always seems to be a figure with several fists up their asses and telling them what to do. If the candidate could at least think for themselves, then they'd think ONLY of themselves.

    Anyone with a tiny bit of common sense would have known how fixed the RNC was this year. Had Ron Paul been elected as a presidential candidate, this election would, in my mind, legitimately be about important issues rather than both parties screaming "Well, what about what he said?!?!"

    For those with a single-minded attitude, regardless of the side you're taking, please do yourselves and those around you a BIG favor and get your information from more than just one or two sources. If you hear something you don't agree with, put in your two cents, but not before you actually know what you're talking about.

    After doing some research, the most important thing for you to do is register to vote.:
    If you think that it's ALL up to electoral colleges and your vote doesn't count, that's what a lot of those maniacal bastards out there want you to think. It counts. Really. Tell your f*&#ing friends too!

    LASTLY, for a bit of comic relief and a good bit of info as to why the Voter ID ordeal is a crock, have some of this:

  17. Michal


    I've been saying the same thing in regards to Mitt's business savvy. He's made billions for himself. The people & businesses left in his wake…sad state of events. Out sourced, liquified, jobless.

  18. Dennis


    Don’t be a troll. If you have something original to fortify your claim it will give you some credibility.

  19. Karen


    Ron Paul is PRO-corporation and ANTI-Choice. Period. They are two major deal-breakers for me, for all his CLAIMS to be able to get us out of the wars, sort out the Fed, and bring us pot.

  20. Jeff


    Mitt's a f'ing Morman… enough said. Morman's were mostly responsible for funding prop 8. Takin away same sex marriage rights in California.

    Morman's are a bizarre bunch of people with their polygamy and the way they treat women.

    They are THE LAST people who should be getting involved with our rights to marry. We can see all of their 15 wives thru the walls of their glass houses, so they should just back the f8#k off !!

    They have a whole set of nasty, kinky rules that they follow because of their religion, and they want to be hypocrites and tell us how we should live our lives?!?!

  21. Marie


    If u r a woman and have any form of self respect u will not vote for "Sexist Pig Romney!" Do u feel Soo little about yourself that u don't deserve equal pay? Do u need our government to tell u how to deal with our body..not to take birth control..if u r raped or ur daughter molested b forced to birth a child? Next he will be saying men have the right to beat women! He has gotten rich from corporations that outsource jobs..he doesn't pay taxes on a majority of his income because he sends it out of the country to avoid Soo. He's Soo out of touch that he thinks middle income is $500,000 a year..try $20-50,000 year dipwad! He feels uni sued ppl should go to the ER?? Soo let pack the ER with ppl with cold and fluand when a real emergency comes in the Dr's won't be able to care for them. He takes funding for free cervical and breast exams..he takes birth control from women. Do u hear him say he will take Viagra and Cialis from men..take prostate exams from men? Hell no cause he's a sexist friggin pig! He wants to give vouchers to Sr's and expect a 80 yr old with dementia to figure out how that works? He wants to cut SSI from elderly..the elderly already have to choose between meds, rent or food! He wants to increase taxes on low And middle class and keep the tax breaks for the rich. He sees nothing wrong with corporations being ANTI-AMERICAN by outsourcing jobs because the companies he invested in do! He has noo clue how to deal with Iran..China..etc. He will have us at war with multiple countries like every other Republican has done..and on..and on.. Bush caused the economic collapse back in 2007..I lived in Vegas and there were over 10,000 unemployed carpenters..laborers..steel workers..1/2 built casinos..highest foreclosure rates in the nation–all BEFORE Obama came into office. Bush got us in debt playing war games!


    Wake up ppl!

  22. labman57


    For several years, Romney has been planting the seeds of contempt toward the socio-economically impoverished, indifference toward the financially-struggling middle class, as well as mistrust as a policy-vague flip-flopper by the conservative base of the Republican Party.

    As the saying goes, you reap what you sow.

  23. Angie


    I can't believe my mother is supporting this pig! He is gonna lose!

  24. grampadave


    Based on last night's debate I've concluded that "I'll do what he's doing, only harder" isn't much of a foreign policy.

    Mitt Romney wants to be President, but last night we found out that he wants to be President Obama.

  25. Brianne


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