Muslims Mock Incendiary Newsweek Cover With #MuslimRage Tweets: “Having Such a Good Hair Day, No One Even Knows”

Following last week’s attacks on U.S. embassies in the Middle East, Newsweek published a nuanced cover story discussing the complex sociopolitical factors leading to these violent outbreaks. Hahahhaha, just kidding!! Do you even know how hard it is to make a magazine profitable these days? Actually, Newsweek decided to create some free publicity by trolling the American public with a “Muslim Rage” headline and a picture of the requisite  Scary Bearded Muslims.

Newsweek then asked its readers to discuss the inflammatory cover on Twitter: “Want to discuss our latest cover? Let’s hear it with the hashtag: #MuslimRage.”  So people did. And it was hilarious. Here are some of our favorite #MuslimRage tweets:





*Wudu = ritual cleaning before prayer