Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Office Allegedly Altered Evidence That Dying Diabetic Prisoner Was Denied Insulin: “This Is Jail. Get Over It.”

Readers, please add Maricopa County, Arizona to your mental list of places not to get arrested in. Yes, white people, even you.

Deborah Braillard, age 46, was arrested and booked on a minor drug possession charge in January of 2005. Despite being a diabetic, Braillard was not given insulin or any other medication or medical care for four full days, until she was eventually brought to the hospital in a diabetic coma. She died 18 days later of complications from diabetes, and her family’s civil suit against the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is now proceeding at trial.

According to the pretrial deposition testimony of the guards and inmates who witnessed the incident, Braillard was constantly moaning and crying out in pain, asking for help, repeatedly vomiting, defecating on herself and having seizures.

“She would shake. Her body would stiffen up,” said Tamela Harper, an inmate in the jail with Braillard. “They never did anything to help her.”

Inmates testified that they begged officers to do something, but apparently prison guards in Maricopa County consider seizures, repeated vomiting, and pooping oneself simply part of the whole prison experience. Harper testified the prisoners alerted the guards to Braillard’s worsening condition, but the guards responded:

“’There’s nothing we can do about it. You just have to deal with it. This is jail. Get over it.”’

Harper added that officers said Braillard was “kicking drugs” and that she was “getting what she deserved.

On Thursday, plaintiffs’ counsel called Dr. Todd Wilcox, a nationally renowned expert on correctional medical care and services, to testify against his former employer, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. (He eventually quit his job after he became so frustrated with the Sheriff’s Office’s unwillingness to improve training, conditions and access to medical care for inmates and detainees.) Wilcox told the jury that the Sheriff’s Office fostered a culture of deliberate indifference and secrecy.

In this instance, Wilcox testified the medical screening document that should have been created when Braillard was booked into the jail was missing. At trial, the Sheriff’s Office produced a document indicating that Braillard had — for some unknown reason — told jail staff during intake that she was not diabetic. However, the document is dated three days after the intake took place and hours after Braillard had already been rushed to the hospital in an irreversible diabetic coma. The family’s lawyers say the document is a fake. Wilcox explained this sort of thing is not unusual on Sheriff Joe’s watch:

“Many mysterious things happen on the Sheriff’s computer network… I remember going to lunch one day and coming back with my sandwich to find somebody controlling my mouse remotely and locating folders and documents.”

On a related note, Sheriff Joe is up for reelection this year, and he has already raised over $4 million for his campaign — a pretty obscene amount for a local sheriff’s war chest. The vast majority of donations are coming from out-of-state.
Speaking of which… oh, hey, look what we found!! The campaign sites of Sheriff Arpaio’s opponents in the upcoming election, Paul Penzone (D) and Michael Stauffer (I). Go make a donation. (For the record, The Daily Dolt has no association with Arpaio, Penzone, or Stauffer. We’re just providing the links because we think Sheriff Joe is a dick.)
Photo: Gage Skidmore

49 Responses to Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Office Allegedly Altered Evidence That Dying Diabetic Prisoner Was Denied Insulin: “This Is Jail. Get Over It.”

  1. Joe Must Go


    Lookie, lookie readers.

    Clearly this gal got the wrong "law man"


  2. Chubby Hubby


    Hear hear!

  3. toosmarttovoteGOP


    Oh, please. With all those FRWNJs who SWEAR that ol' Joe is the REAL patriot there's just No way he could POSSIBLY have done ANYTHING so, so… aw crap. I lost my train of thought.

  4. Nina Pie


    Just donated to an opponent and I live all the way in CT, so this election won't even affect me. Fuck you, Joe. You're a fat fucking loser and I hope someday you finally realize that you're a shit human being. You're also the least American of all Americans I've ever known of, even Benedict Arnold; So congrats on that I guess. Please leave the country.

    • Nina Pie


      I take that back. John Walker Lindh would probably be the number one least American from America. But if a John Walker Lindh of basic human rights of Arizona were to ever exist, you'd be him. In fact you are him. Yay for you.

    • Dan


      Mate, I live in Australia and I want to donate to Arpaio's opponents. Its just a shame that I'm flat broke :(

    • Linda (The Daily Dolt)

      Linda the Dolt


      Awesome!! Very cool, Nina.

    • Ann


      Thank you Nina, Joe is nothing but a peace of trash, he deserves nothing but the worst! He cares for no one I bet he even hates his own family, a person like should not exist. The good thing is that no one leaves this Earth without paying for their sins so have fun with that one Joe.

  5. One of these days I hope to read a story that goes like, "Pissed of Arizonans finally have enough, Sheriff Joe's tortured body found in cave."

  6. rob


    This article and these comments read like Joe himself denied the insulin. I'm not saying that improvements are not needed, but I think blaming Joe himself is a stretch. I'm glad Joe is around enforcing laws that need to be enforced. Most of the people who don't like him never set foot in AZ.

    Hi Nina Pie.

    "Many mysterious things happen on the Sheriff’s computer network… I remember going to lunch one day and coming back with my sandwich to find somebody controlling my mouse remotely and locating folders and documents"

    I work in IT and all IT work is done remotely.

    • Jessica


      I also work in IT and it is a violation of security policy to remote into a PC without expressed consent of the user and not having them physically present at the machine.

      • Derpwood


        If you really worked in IT, you would know that you have made it very clear to those of us who actually work in IT, that you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about . .

    • Jessica


      Also, not all IT work is done remotely. How do plan on changing a NIC remotely? A hard drive? Or even working on a machine that's lost network connectivity? Are those users just SOL?

    • Angela


      Rob, we have a little law in this country called HIPAA. Now, I realize you "work in IT", but perhaps you don't understand that just because you've changed your inkjet printer cartridge (wait, nevermind, you believe that all IT work is done remotely, lol) at home it doesn't give you the right to touch anyone elses protected health information. Second, and I'm sure you have heard this from the constant barrage of Faux "news" you surround yourself with on a daily basis, every action your underlings commit under your purview is your responsibility as the chief authority. Finally, I'm sure you would just love to isolate yourself and let the corrupt hand of authoritarian right-wing evangelical lunacy reign supreme. Maybe you can evict that foul evil libertarian federal government that provides your state with water, transportation, and the fact that for every $1 your state pays in taxes, it receives $2.03 in federal tax payer money, you can live in some bizarre 3rd world paradise where you can completely trust that jesus will keep your politicians honest and will keep the evil brown people from sullying your doorstep. I'm sure with all of the fat, elderly, entitled medicaid recipients in your state, you won't have to worry a bit about food shortages. Maybe you can all gather in your hover-rounds and use your washing sticks to scratch out enough gardens in the sand to survive.

      • AzNative


        Wow Angela quite a leap to HIPAA there. It said nothing about patient information being accessed. In fact, all he says is that he came in one day and someone was remotely accessing and "locating some folders and documents" on his computer. These could have been system files and documents and had nothing to do with patient information. Again sensationalism and half truths. Someone could have been accessing his computer to fix or update something. Even if patient information was accessed as long as it was on a need to access basis there's no issue. But he didn't follow up with any additional facts here did he? Just let it hang there so that the sheeple out there could jump to conclusions and fill in their own blanks. Just a side note, you should re-read your comment with an objective eye and tone down the sarcasm. You come off as a royal B***H and not in a good way.

    • NeuroManson


      It doesn't matter if he authorized it personally or not, he set into motion the mentality and the practices of his subordinates. He signed her death warrant with his accepted practices and standards.

    • Frank


      Rob – Congratulations on working in IT.

      However, you are absolutely incorrect. I have worked in IT/IS for more than twenty years. In the last 2 years I have contracted at 4 different Fortune 100 corporations, 3 Universities, and 2 Law Enforcement Agencies.

      NONE of them perform remote desktop access without the user present and on the telephone.

      It is appalling that you would make such and uninformed opinion, that some readers may take to be a fact.

      Please do the right thing and re-post properly.

    • mark kelber


      Rob because you don't happen to live in Maricopa County like i do and you have never experienced anything close to Arpio's Gulag called "tent city" like i myself have you absolutely have no idea what your talking about and especially trying to defend this criminal we call Sheriff. Arpio micromanages every thing and everybody in MCSO his indifference and callous and brutish behavior is encouraged and in fact demanded of all who work there. Many inmates mistreated on a regular basis have yet to be given their day in court and by United States legal system standards that person is still innocent yet if your in Arpio's jail you are Guilty. You will be shoved into a cell with 45 others that is made to handle 19. You will be fed moldy, green baloney on stale bread. Remember you have not seen a judge yet and your being treated like you have and been found guilty. It goes on and on. Arpio is a criminal of the worse kind and has cost this County millions upon millions of dollars in settlements of cases brought against MCSO by families of murdered inmates mistreated by Arpio's goons. He has absolutely no respect for the law. He acts like he is above it and doesn't give a damn about constitutional rights. His attitude is "fuck you i will do whatever I think is right regardless if it's against YOUR law. Fuck you. He has done this over and over and over and still gets away with it.

    • weenie


      Rob, you are a moron if you see any good at all in that JOKE of a sheriff!

    • lilly


      I do live in Arizona and Joe is bad news. He's known for filing lawsuits against people he does not like even though they have done nothing wrong! These are other public figures. He is a vindictive slime ball.

      It is his fault if something goes wrong in his jails! He is reasonposible for making sure his people are trained!

  7. earl sweatpants


    "Sheriff Joe" is a piece of human garbage: a hateful, nasty, cruel and power-mad old man who enjoys torturing people and hides his sociopathic tendencies behind his badge and the flag.

  8. Hey Rob, first, you don't have to be a resident to understand when things are unconstitutional. We're all Americans, regardless of the state we live in. And we're all humans, and should be afforded basic human rights – like emergency healthcare. This is all happening on Joe's watch, so yes, it is directly traced back to him, and the policies all trace back to Joe. What are these "laws that need to be enforced"? You mean the laws to keep the brown people in check? Lived there for 10 years, and now, even refuse to fly back for business purposes. It's a white trash sink hole. And yes, I'm a white guy. And I also work in IT, and as the previous comment noted, you simply can't access someone's computer terminal without cause. Unfortunately, in Joe's world, "because I said so" is often cause enough. You will all get what you deserve, so be very careful what you wish for.

  9. Gabriel


    I am surprised he has not been assassinated yet. He certainly deserves it. Arpaio has admitted to felonys, consistently broken the law, helped turn arizona into a laughingstock, hurt AZs economy badly and now has contributed to murder.

    If anyone deserves to die "sheriff" joe is at the top. Its time for someone in AZ to take the law in to their own hands and get rid of this blight.

    • Judd Carroll


      Awful comments like that do not help. Counterproductive. He's a disgusting man and I may have an occasional dark thought about him but keep that trash off these boards.

  10. jackson


    this guy is cut from the same cloth as the taliban. sure, different culture, but same dna. A huge oversized cockroach.

  11. Ana


    I live in Texas and I'm broke but I contributed. This is outright murder.

    • Linda (The Daily Dolt)

      Linda the Dolt


      Nice work, Ana. Very, very cool.

  12. wilder125


    Just remember.

    If you live out of state, and have relatives living under his "protective" claws.

    They are probably there knowing fully what he is.

    They are no longer your relatives

    Do not visit, do not send gifts, do not invite them

  13. Thank you Daily Dolt for making this story public. Most of the nation does not get the real dirt on what is happening here in Maricopa County. Mike Stauffer has been dedicated for 3 years now to unseat Joe Arpaio this Nov.

    We would like to thank each of you who donated to our campaign based on this story and hope more of you will consider supporting the Stauffer campaign.


    West Kenyon

    Campaign Manager

    Stauffer for Maricopa County Sheriff

    • Linda (The Daily Dolt)

      Linda the Dolt


      No problem! Good luck.

  14. Michael M


    I live in Phoenix and this guy truly is a sociopath. The New Times weekly ran an article in which a psychologist profiled him and basically said he was nuts. Not just nuts, but evil nuts.

    He is in charge. It is HIS responsibility for the MCSO. What they do is a direct result of oversight/lack of oversight by HIM.

    This week his goons shot an unarmed 17 yr old in Guadaulepe (small 1 sq mile city next to Tempe, VERY impoverished-drive through it and you swear you were just in Mexico). His deputies patrol there. And Sun City. And some other smaller municipalities. But you rarely see any MCSO presence in the larger cities (Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale etc.).

    The problem is, out of sight/out of mind for them. Then, the other half of the problem is all the old farts in Sun City, etc. where they do patrol "hey, he's keepin all them mexicans out of here, he's got my vote" mentality.

    I just wonder how many old farts in Sun City got a pass driving drunk in their golf carts (yes, they are all over the place there on city streets).

    Unfortunately, he most likely be voted in again. Just so he can add to the 45 MILLION+ and counting he's paid out in wrongful death suits against him.

    Hey people-that's YOUR TAX MONEY down the drain thanks to this egomaniac.

  15. Joefan


    LOL @ these ladies who think changing printer cartridges or NICs is "IT work." Sorry, that's 1st tier support/helpdesk work, that us real IT professionals are too busy to do. It's certainly not a "violation of security policy to remote into a PC without expressed consent of the user" either.

  16. AzNative


    I am an Arizona native and I love how people think they know everything from reading a newspaper article that uses sensationalism to get you to read it. If anything, 20+ years as a police officer (no not for the sheriff) has taught me is that unless you were there and have first hand knowledge – reserve judgment! There is much more to this than the inflammatory story you just read. Unless you were there, you have no idea what really went down so let's give law enforcement the benefit of the doubt. The majority of officers chose their profession because they really care and would not purposefully hurt anyone. So let's not be so hateful. While I agree that Joe has an ego the size of the universe, he has done a lot of good in Arizona. People here don't want to go to jail because he made jail what it should be – unpleasant as hell! Also – No one here hates illegal aliens but we are overrun with them and they are costing us a lot of money providing services to them and there's a tremendous amount of crime related to illegals. By the age of 40 if you haven't had at least 2 vehicles stolen that are found stripped down by the border, you should consider yourself lucky. Try getting into an auto accident with them and see how fun that is – no insurance and they take off. We educate their children giving them free school lunches. As long as our own citizens are in need, this shouldn't be happening. Our neighbor, California, is a prime example of what happens when you take away personal responsibility and label everything and everyone as a victim. Everyone's entitled. They're so broke and in so deep I don't think they'll ever be solvent again. I don't care if they come here – just do it legally. Go through the process. It's there for a reason. It shouldn't be easy or cheap. You should be committed to being an American citizen. I know several people who have spent crazy amounts of money and time to become a citizen because it means something to them. It angers me that they worked so hard for something that is being trivialized by continuing to allow others to so blatantly get away with it.

    By the way, our IT department at a VERY LARGE corporation remotes in all the time without permission. They do own the network you know and can do what they want when they want. There's no law against that.

    • BigOne


      If you were a police officer for that long then you should already know that *innocent* people awaiting trial are also housed in the jail if they're too poor to pay for bail. The whole "we make it tough so people don't want it" story is complete bs and serves a greater purpose by covering for aggressively insolent behavior from the MCSO, and is also a nice money-gathering publicity stunt on the side.

      The best representation of Arpaio that I can recall is seeing him ride in his goon-tank during the Christmas light parade. Everything is all cheery and fun until that black cloud with an overdeveloped ego comes strutting along. He was born wanting to be a 4-star general but was never personable enough to make it that far, so he decided that he'd become a miniature fascist in a desert town.

      Oh, and your little rant about illegals… The media loves to exaggerate "cost" figures. Next time you've got a minute try to go down to DES and get any type of public assistance without a valid govt id and ss card and past years' tax returns, as illegals would have to do in order to get these services they're supposedly reaping from taxpayer's hard work.

      • AzNative


        Really? You don't think we have illegals on welfare? Seriously? Ever heard of IDENTITY THEFT? NO? It's HUGE here in Arizona. Guess what happens when Joe raids an employer suspected of employing illegals? They find fabricated drivers licenses and social security cards. OH and real drivers licenses and real social security cards that belong to real people except that the person in front of them isn't the REAL person they belong to. IMAGINE THAT?! Thanks for reminding me about the number one criminal activity related to illegal aliens. IDENTITY THEFT. Gee I forgot to mention that one in my earlier "rant". It takes YEARS to recover from identity theft if you ever do.

        Innocent people jailed awaiting trial? Not typically. Very rare actually. Innocent people usually do not have records in which case their bail is set low enough for most people to afford unless its a very serious felony charge. More often than not people are released without bail pending trial. UNLESS it's a DUI and they throw the book at you here. Still even then with a lawyer you will probably do less than 10 days AFTER sentencing for a first timer. They still let you go at the time of arrest and have you come back another day for booking which takes about 2-4 hours. Then your free until trial. My illustrious black sheep cousin has been arrested numerous times for violating restraining orders, assault and possession of narcotics and he has been held for 24 hours on four separate occasions (four separate arrests). They let him free on his own recognizance pending trial. He has a rap sheet as long as your arm so I wouldn't worry too much about being held if you are "innocent". He is far from it and they won't keep him. He has no money and is homeless due to drugs. It just doesn't typically happen.

      • Bob


        BigOne your ignorance is showing.

        There's a WORLD of difference between detaining a suspect in a holding cell so they can be presented to a judge, vs. sending someone to prison.

        People being detained aren't usually housed in prisons, but rather in jail cells specifically designed/built for this purpose, usually right in town, while prisons are located in large secure facilities, usually located out of town in open space (as much as possible).

        They're very different. And no way to place an "innocent" in with "guilty" prisoners.

        Oh, and if you;re detained in this fashion by the police, you ain't "innocent". You may not be found guilty of the crime, but you're not innocent.You've done something to put yourself in the position where you appear to be guilty of something. Smart people don't allow that to happen.

        I say this as someone who's been detained in this fashion…and I deserved it.

  17. Austin Richards


    I have both lived in Maricopa County and had the displeasure of spending some time in Joe's Jail (minor offense, dismissed).

    I personally witnessed correctional officers at the jail torture another inmate with a stun gun. Repeatedly. It was made very clear to those few of us that saw it happen that it would be in our best interests to forget we saw it.

    I moved out of Arizona within weeks of that incident. I don't really plan on ever going back until Joe Arpaio is laid to rest in a grave, at which point I will make a special trip to Arizona just so I can piss on it.

  18. Natalie ._c-


    Doesn't matter what crime she may or may not have committed, NO ONE deserves the death penalty without trial.

    And when someone is seizing, vomiting, crying out in pain or whatever, they need medical attention immediately, regardless of the cause of the symptoms. Even people in drug withdrawal need it.

    But Deborah WAS in life-threatening medical crisis, and her death was totally unnecessary and negligent. The whole Arizona law-enforcement system probably needs to be cleaned up, but the first issue is that death by diabetic coma for minor drug possession is cruel and unusual punishment, and is therefore unconstitutional. This case should be brought to the Supreme Court, because Deborah was the victim, not the criminal.

  19. Artor


    Why the hell did the DOJ drop their case against this asshole? Do they think he needs more rope to hang himself? Arpaio really needs to spend the rest of his miserable life in a federal prison, or better, in his own jail with the people he's been abusing.

  20. Candy Sayes and Seel


    If you'd like to contribute to the campaign of one of Arpaio's opponents, please choose Paul Penzone. Stauffer is a Republican who's deliberately muddying the waters to leech votes away from Penzone. Contributing to Stauffer is contributing to an Arpaio win.

  21. Ted Larsen


    WTF are you talking about? Just another idiotic spammer!

    Consider yourself BUSTED!

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  25. Demitri


    This is a human rights violation of the worst sort.

    This guy Joe Arapo belongs Jail for premeditated and first degree murder. He knew that this woman would die without insulin and denied her her insulin. That is premeditated murder.

    • Linda (The Daily Dolt)

      Linda the Dolt


      Instead, he just got re-elected. This incident wasn't personally his doing, but he has absolutely created a Sheriff's Office that is openly hostile, discriminatory, and draconian in its treatment of prisoners (or, in many cases, not even prisoners, just undocumented individuals or people who look like they might be undocumented).

  26. Scrappy


    Arpiao has it right, I just wish there were more like him..If you are a crimnal or undocumented you should HAVE NO RIGHTS!!!

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    with the images on this blog loading? I'm trying to determine if its a problem on my end or if it's the blog.

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