Mitt Romney’s Affair With AshleyMadison.com

Are you familiar with AshleyMadison.com?  Of course you’re not, because you would never go to a dating website that was explicitly designed to enable its users to have extra-marital affairs (its tagline is “Life is short. Have an affair”).

Now that you’re up to speed and possibly a little more disillusioned with humanity than you were five seconds ago, we present to you Ashley Madison’s newest billboard advertisement, which features a picture of Mitt Romney and reads “If cheating on your taxes is OK … so is AshleyMadison.com.”

The company posted the 14-by-48-foot sign on top of a building in South Boston. However, the billboard media company responsible for putting up the advertisement then removed it within 24 hours due to multiple complaints. AshleyMadison.com founder Noel Biderman is pissed:

They took my money and breached the contract.

Indeed, some might even call what the billboard company did “cheating.” Biderman continued:

That also feels pretty un-American to me. I imagine they are going to hide behind whatever notion they are going to hide behind, but this is America!

Freedom of speech, uninterrupted enterprise, political choice are all cornerstones of the unique doctrine that makes America what it is. Sometimes support for those values and beliefs mean you need to support notions and ideas that may not be personally appealing to you, but nonetheless fit within the society we all cherish.

The Boston Herald contacted the Romney campaign about the incident, but the campaign declined to comment, stating that they were not even aware of the billboard.


4 Responses to Mitt Romney’s Affair With AshleyMadison.com

  1. Don Draper


    Hmm, BLACK DOG MEDIA. There's a joke her somewhere.

    Punchline needed!

    The billboard firm, Black Dog Media in New Jersey, didn’t return our calls or email.

  2. toosmarttovoteGOP


    Too funny for words!! Too bad about the breach if contract, though. To borrow the title of an old book; Sue the B*st*rds!

  3. Slip N. Fall, Esq


    I'll take that case, pro-boner…I mean…pro-bo…

    NO I DON'T!

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